Pokemon Go – News and Updates


The update for the second generation of “Pokemon Go” will arrive this fall and according to Niantic, players will be able to showcase their favorite Pokemon.

The game developers have already been adding finishing touches to the update for “Pokemon Go” that will come with the new feature called Buddy Pokemon.

Namely, the players will be able to become friend with their favorite Pokemon and when they walk together they will collect rare rewards. The buddy Pokemon can be replaced anytime and it will be on the trainer’s profile.

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Countries like Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Macau and Bosnia and Herzegovina can now download “Pokemon GO” to iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, it has been said that some of the rarer Pokemon will be introduced in the game as well as the legendary Pokemon on the next update. At least 100 new Pokemon will be on the new update including the evolved ones.

According to some reports the game’s most popular Pokemon, Eevee will evolve into Umbreon and Espeon. Moreover, Chansee should evolve into Blissey. Onix, Zubat and Oddish are only some of the Pokemon that will have an evolved version.

Niantic also found the way to banning the trainers who use cheats in order to progress in the game. Furthermore, third-party applications such as GPS spoofers and Pokemon tracking will be blocked by the game developers.

From now on, trainers will be able to assess Pokemon based on attack and defense skills by using the Pokemon Appraisal. Thus, they get to decide which Pokemon is the best one for the battle.

Meanwhile, you will need to be patient since Niantic hasn’t announced any details about the next update for “Pokemon GO”.