Pokemon Go Promo Codes – What Are They?


Pokemon Go promo codes are promotional codes that allow you to receive special in-game bonuses for the popular game Pokemon Go. Niantic has introduced Pokemon Go promo codes as a means to make the game even more popular through special promotions that earn you special awards. However, these codes only work for the Android version as there are payment problems for Apple’s App Store. These promotional codes give you the chance of earning special rewards that will help you become the best in the game, aiding your journey to catch them all.

What Do We Know About Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

One thing we do know about these promo codes is that Niantic has been making partnerships with various companies for promoting the game by hosting special events and such. Niantic themselves have been emailing inactive players, urging them to come back and play Pokemon Go by offering them free incubators, lucky eggs, etc. Another type of promotion that Niantic has been doing is giveaways. The company does frequent giveaways of poke balls, Incense, eggs, etc, through various giveaways and events to satisfy the players themselves.

Niantic has also been offering promo codes to the players by teaming up with a number of partner’s throughout the world. Namely, these partners are companies such as Starbucks, 7- Eleven, and Unibail- Rodamco, and they have been making their establishments a permanent poke stops and gyms for players to train their Pokemon. There have been frequent situations where Niantic has been giving away free promo codes that give you the chance of acquiring a special item, or in some cases, a rare or legendary Pokemon (however these are just rumors and no one has reportedly acquired a legendary Pokemon through promo codes).

The most we’ve seen from Pokemon go promo codes is through another game developed by Niantic called Ingress. Ingress is another mobile platform game by Niantic, and they frequently give promo codes through their social media accounts. The parallel here is that we suspect that they will “up” their promo code game for Pokemon Go in the coming period through various social media events.

However, promo codes that are currently being offered to players range from promo codes for single user use, multiple users use, promo codes that expire after X uses, promo codes that expire after a set date, etc. These codes can be frequently found on various websites and on Reddit, where the majority of the fanbase is located. These codes can be used by anyone, no matter your age or location in the world.


The promo codes are frequently handed out by Niantic though playing special encrypted puzzles or participating in events.

Promo codes are an excellent way of promoting the game even more (despite its amazing success already) and it serves as Niantic’s best marketing tool to attracting new players, as well as, regaining the favor of returning players. They are an excellent way of acquiring special items such as lure modules and lucky eggs, but we believe that offering the chance of obtaining a rare or even legendary Pokemon could very much increase the popularity.