Pokemon Stars: Release Date and Updates


We are sure you all loved “Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon,” so we are happy to tell you that Game Freak will soon deliver the third version of the series sometime next year. The game is codenamed “Pokemon Stars,” and it has been reported to be significantly improved compared to the previous two.

The new game will be developed by the same team that worked on “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” Eurogamer reports. The game cities and maps will not be changed, but the resolution will be higher. There seemed to be no difficulties in the development process so far, so “Pokemon Stars” will be launched in 2017, and it will be available on Nintendo Switch once it is delivered.

Some features of the former Pokemon games will be recreated in the upcoming title as well. Those include “Pokemon Yellow” and “Pokemon Platinum,” which is an enhanced version of “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl,” released for Nintendo DS console. Thus, “Pokemon Stars” will be the first one of Pokemon series to be delivered for Nintendo “home” console in 20 years.

In North America and Japan “Pokemon Stars” will soon be available on Nintendo new 3DS, and soon afterward in Europe as well. As already mentioned, the Sun and Moon team members are doing their best to develop the sequel as soon as possible, and the Game Freak studio is once again the one to be in charge of making the development possible.


In order to ensure “Sun and Moon” is fully completed in time for scheduled release date, Game Freak had to take a short break from working on “Pokemon Stars.” Since the game proved to be a major success, they are now back in business.

Finally, fans will certainly be delighted to hear that Pokemon will be available for trade if you use the Pokemon Bank App.

“Pokemon Stars” release date has not been announced yet. Although it was speculated that it would be delivered in the summer of the next year, there is a great likelihood of it being delayed due to “Sun and Moon” launch. At the moment, we can only promise to keep you posted.