“Pokemon Sun” and “Moon” Starter Evolution to be Unveiled Tomorrow


Fans of Pokemon were guessing the upcoming titles of the game and a lot of rumors and speculations were circling the internet when “Pokemon Sun” and “Moon” were announced on May 10. Most of the speculations were about the evolutions for Litten, the fire type, Rowlet, the grass type and the water Pokemon named Popplio. Many of the rumors turned out to be true, and the reveal of the long-awaited starter evolution is scheduled for October 4 at 9 a.m. EST.

According to some Pokemon fans who posted on Reddit’ forums, evolutions for the starters for “Pokemon X” and “Y” were revealed only a few days before the game was released. On PokeCommunity, there are several posters which claim that the trend about official reveals has remained constant.

The fans usually see two out of three stages one month before official reveal, whereas the third stage of the starters comes out after the main Pokemon game is unveiled. Here are some examples of the starter evolutionary line in “Pokemon X” and “Y”.

No-one expected that the fire-type Fennekin was going to evolve into a witch-fox Delphox. But, when you saw Braixen who has similar features to the final evolution, everything became clearer. The same thing happened with the evolution of Chespin into Chasnaught. Again, nobody could predict that until seeing Quilladin.


Although we can only guess the final starter evolutions, for now, we need to wait for the moment when “Pokemon Sun” and “Moon” are officially released. However, fans on forums were right about the fact that the final forms of the starter Pokemon leak before the actual release.

Sometimes, we get to see leaks only a few days before the game release just like it happened with “Pokemon X” and “Y” final starter evolutions or they leak months prior to the game like in the case of “Pokemon Black” and “White”. “Pokemon Sun” and “Moon” will be available on November 18, which means that we will have leaks soon or final starter evolutions already appeared somewhere.

There is a lot of evidence that Pokemon Sun and Moon’s three starters will have two distinct final evolutions. For now, the fans can focus on the middle stage starter evolution which will be announced tomorrow on Pokemon’s Youtube channel.