Possible Big Spoiler For Hall Of Fame Headliner!

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

Hall of Fame has become a focal part of the Wrestlemania weekend. There is always at least five or six stars of the past that make the Hall of Fame each and every year. Usually, WWE picks a guy that is going to be the headliner for the class since that person is likely going to draw all the mainstream media and the buzz when the Hall of Fame night starts.

For the Wrestlemania 33 weekend, Kurt Angle was the guy that was the headliner, and it was a big one. As soon as the news broke, we knew that he was also going to be involved in WWE’s TV plans. Not long after that, he was announced to be the General Manager.

But, usually, the headliners are the people that already had either run with the company for a long time, and it was over, or it was a returning star that had one more run before retiring. The Sting is a good example. Another wrestler with a similar career is likely going to be a 2018 Hall of Fame headliner.

Source: forbes.com

According to the reports, the main star of the WCW Goldberg is going to lead the Class of 2018. Goldberg had a nice run in late 2016 and early 2017 as he beat Brock Lesnar and also became the Universal Champion. After another match with Lesnar, the first one that he ever lost to him, Goldberg left the WWE and his comeback run ended.

He will always be remembered as the biggest star of the WCW. Jackhammer and a Spear were usually more than enough for him to lay down somebody for the three count. Goldberg has had an amazing streak in WCW and has always been that larger than life kind of Superstar. There is no doubt that he deserves to headline the Hall of Fame class of 2018.