Post Directly To Google Feature Now Open for Small Businesses

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Google looks to expand the popular function

Back when the election campaign in the United States was hitting its strides, Google put up a feature that allowed the candidates to publish their messages directly to the top of search results. The feature might have gained some traction and the company was seen sampling the feature with some few companies and small businesses back in March.

Google has now confirmed to reporters that the feature will now be extended to thousands of small businesses from the tens of small businesses it was sampling on. The search giant also confirmed that the feature will also be expanded to other countries apart from the US.

The other countries the feature will venture into will be Brazil and India. One of the reporters, Mike Blumenthal said that the news was confirmed by the Google My Business team during a Google Hangout.

The feature enables small businesses to create short business cards with short messages which would then be presented on the Google search results page, in a way similar to the AMP carousels that google has been presenting over the past few months. Therefore when a business is searched for and anything relating to it, the most recent messages the business has sent out will be posted on the front page of the Google search results.

The messages and cards which will be featured can contain so much content to help put across the message of the business searched for. They can put text, links, pictures, videos and the cards will primarily stay on the Google server, but they can be shared to others via links.

However, the feature is still only available to select businesses since the posting of content through the feature can only be facilitated by an app. Apparently, the app is not available to all small businesses in the selected countries at the moment.

Blumenthal also said that the evidence of the new feature and its widespread use was going to be much more notable in the upcoming weeks.