Dak Prescott vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Predictions


Now we officially know that Dallas Cowboys’ won’t activate Tony Romo for Week 10 matchup against the Steelers. Maybe coaches think that he should have some more time to prepare and get to being in game-shape. Or, perhaps they just don’t want to throw him into the fire on the road against a tough Steelers team.

Whatever it is, Dak Prescott is the starter in Week 10 in Pittsburgh. There is no doubt that he will be playing under the pressure as Tony Romo will be looking over his back, ready to take over as soon as next round. How will Dak perform in Pittsburgh this week?

We think he is going to feel the pressure and that it will make him question some of his decisions. The safe bet for him would be to run with the football if he doesn’t see any fitting option in the passing game. Prescott doesn’t need to take any risks, just needs to be smart with his plays and let the game come to him.


As for his numbers, we are predicting that he will go 20/32 for 245 yards and two total touchdowns with at least one turnover. He will have one passing touchdown, and he might score one with his legs, but we see him throwing at least one pick in this match.

Cowboys should be favored in this duel, but we are not going to underestimate Big Ben and his Steelers, even though he will still probably not be at his best. Our support to Dak and what he has done in previous rounds with Cowboys team, he truly deserves to lead this squad.