Predictions: Ezekiel Elliot vs. Cincinnati Bengals

After the slow start of his NFL career, Ezekiel Elliot has elevated his game in each of the last three weeks. His average yard per carry number is constantly on the rise. He is running smarter, he is patient and is hitting the right holes at the right time tearing every defense he has encountered so far.

Now, Dallas Cowboys have Bengals on their radar as their next opponent is coming on Sunday. It makes us wonder about Elliot and how will he play against this Bengals defense. They are pretty decent at stopping the runs, and they tried to make Siemian beat them in Week 3. They locked in on the running game and let Broncos’ QB make plays.

They will probably try the same tactic against this Cowboys team. They are going to lock in on Elliot. This Bengals defense is pretty good against the run, and it will be interesting to see if Cowboys can carry the ball with success.

Eliot will for sure be in Cowboys offensive game plan and probably heavily featured. But, Alfred Morris should get some touches also, especially as a pass-catching running back.

Still, the majority of the workload will be on Elliot, and he’ll need to step up in order for Cowboys to win this match. We think Zeke will get around 22 carries and he will run for 90 yards in this game and one TD. Fumble is also possible. He will be decent in this duel, but Dak Prescott is the one that needs to win it for the ‘Boys.