Prescott Needs To Deliver in 2018 Or He’s Good as Gone


Dallas Cowboys fans are tired from all the talks about coming back to the promised land. But if they want to do it in the next few years they will need a much better QB performance that the one Dak Prescott gave them last season.

If we talk about what they need, you only need to look at their neighbors from NFC East. Philadelphia Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl, and their backup quarterback is playing some real football. Nick Foles has completed 75% of his passes for five TD’s and no interceptions in the playoffs. And, Foles isn’t playing well only in the last two playoffs games. In his previous stint with Eagles (2013-2014), he played in 18 games with a 14-4 record. In those games, he completed 62% of his passes for 40 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He averaged 280 yards per game.

His opponent in the Super Bowl is no other than legendary Tom Brady. The player that Brady is today after 17 years career is considered one of the best that has played this game at his position, if not the best.


Why are we telling you this? Well, if Cowboys want to have any chance of winning the Lombardi Trophy they will need a serious player at the QB position. The list of quarterbacks that have won Super Bowl in the last ten years includes Tom Brady (2), Eli Manning (2), Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Ben Roethlisberger.

Aside from winning the most prestigious football trophy what these QB’s have in common is that they are all bound for Hall of Fame. Yes, Wilson and Flacco have a thing or two to prove, but their names will be in the conversation when the time comes.

Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl thanks to the impressive postseason performance from Flacco who had 11 touchdowns paired with no interceptions.

If you are still wondering how is this relevant for Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott it is quite simple. They will need an improved Prescott in 2018 and past that if they want a shot at SB. And not just grown but a far better version of their quarterback.


Looking at his passing yards and touchdowns, you will not see a drop in his game. But, switch your look at his accuracy and decision making, and you will see him falling behind his rookie season. Prescott’s completion is down by 5 points while his interceptions are up by 9. Yes, some of this can be attributed to Elliott’s absence and Smith’s injury, but more is Dak’s fault. Quarterbacks in NFL have a job they need to do regardless of their circumstances. Prescott had a lousy QB year regardless of his stats. His accuracy did nothing to help his receivers, and this could cost some of them their job. Like you have probably heard no WR on Dallas’s roster is safe in the offseason.

Quarterback greats such as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady worked every offseason with their wide receivers to know every little detail about their game. Brady seems to start every season with one or two of his primary targets missing and still manages to put up the numbers.


Of course, it is not fair to compare Prescott to Manning and Brady, but if he want’s to come anywhere near them he will need to make a big leap in 2018. What Prescott needs to do is to spend every free moment of his time with Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley and work on their chemistry.

Next year, if injuries stay away, Ezekiel Elliott will be on the field in every game, and Cowboys will rely on their running game. And this will be enough to reach the postseason now and then. For a shot at Super Bowl, they will need quarterback play. To be more precise and a better QB all-around Prescott will need to work relentlessly.

If he fails to meet the standards of quarterbacks named above, Prescott’s time in Dallas is limited. We dare to say, that if he fails to deliver in 2018, he’s already good as gone.