Preseason Games For Dallas Cowboys

The NFL training camps are just around the corner, and we are going to learn a lot about some of the guys that might or might not make the rosters of their respective teams. They will get a chance to prove themselves in the NFL preseason that is just a bit more than two weeks away. Squads are going to start their journey towards the Super Bowl, so you know that these matches are important for many players.

The Dallas Cowboys preseason will begin against the Los Angeles Rams on August 12th. Then, they will play against the Indianapolis Colts on August the 19th. Right after that, they have a scheduled matchup with the Oakland Raiders on August the 26, which is followed up by their last game of the preseason on August the 31st against the Texans in Houston, Texas.

When we take a closer look at the duels that they are going to play, we can tell that the first and the last game are always the most important ones. What they will be looking for in the match against the Rams is for some of their players that are on the bubble to make the roster to step up and show why they should stick.

The game against the Colts is really the least important one here as the team is just going to try to follow up what they have done in the first game of the preseason. Then, the match versus the Oakland Raiders is going to matter for the defense as the Raiders are one of the best offensive teams in the league. The coaches will be looking for the defenders to step up.

The final duel of the preseason is always crucial as nobody wants to see an injury, everybody is fighting to make a good last impression in order to make a final 53-man roster. When we add that the game is against the Texans, the state rival, it has all the more meaning, even though it is just a preseason contest.