Prominent App Makers Missing From Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch

Apple Watch

Since the launch of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch, the company managers are trying to court the big app makers including Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Snap chat to develop a software app for the new gadget. However, these companies are still studying the Apple Watch in order to identify an effective way to deliver a good experience on a small screen. Adam Mosseri of Facebook said that he don’t know how the team could get it done in a way that works well on the small screen of Apple Watch.

The strength

The appeal of a wristwatch is generally defined by its brand, features, design and materialAfter the launch of its Watch, Apple demonstrated what the Smart watch is capable of doing with innovative apps designed by other firms. If the Apple Watch succeeds, the credit will largely go to these companies. The fact is that all of smart devices come alive and get their appeal with third-party apps.

The evaluation process

Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp apps which are present in Google’s Android wear are missing from Apple watch. However, it is a standard process which is followed with almost all new gadgets. This lack of support from the big app makers highlights the doubts that are floating in the technology industry about the Apple’s wearable device. Due to the ongoing skepticism, the wearable device is in something of a Catch-22.

The impact on performance

The apps on the wearable device or any other smart device acts as a major factor that customers takes into account before buying the device. Out of the twenty most popular free Apple’s iPhone apps in the U.S., only five have their versions for the wearable device. Moreover, the number of apps is growing at a slower pace compared to the explosive growth of apps recorded for iPads and iPhones in their early days.

The expectations

The impact of these hurdles in terms of sales will be evident on Tuesday when Apple releases financial report for its fiscal third quarter. However, the company disclosed that it has no plans to release segmental sales data of the wearable device. It would just include the sales figure into a category named as “other.” Analysts and investors will closely look at the numbers to assess whether the wearable device has been a hit or miss.

Unlike past products, the wearable device boasts a complex pricing structure. Apple Smart watch is both a fashion accessory and device, and therefore it is highly customizable to meet the varied tastes and needs of customers, from fitness experts to luxury watches fans.

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