Pros and cons of the bagless upright vacuum cleaner


Buying a new vacuum cleaner may seem to be a very simple task, but when you get to the store and you have to choose from a number of vacuum cleaners each with different qualities and prices, then it becomes a hard task. You may have to consider a number of options before choosing the right vacuum cleaners; some of the features you may have to check is the price of the vacuum, brand or model of the vacuum and many other accessories.


One of the most commonly used vacuum cleaners is the upright vacuum cleaner. The upright vacuum cleaner has been one of the most preferred vacuum cleaners due it numerous advantages including:

  • The upright vacuum cleaner is cheaper
  • It uses motorized brushes which are more effective in cleaning thick carpets.
  • Easy transition from the bare floors to the carpets since they are controlled by foot.
  • Easy to store an upright vacuum cleaner since there are no many accessories to dismount when parking.
  • It has a wider cleaning path.

Many people prefer the upright vacuum cleaner due to its ease of use, it is preferred by the old people and people with back issues since you do not have to bend when cleaning.


Once you have decided to buy an upright vacuum cleaner over the canister model the second and the biggest question is should it be a bagless upright vacuum cleaner or bag upright vacuum cleaner. Bagless or not bag vacuum cleaner has become one of the controversial conversations by different buyers.

Here are some of the reasons why you may decide to buy a bagless upright vacuum cleaner or not to buy.

Benefits of using a bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

  • Less expensive- once you have purchased the bagless upright vacuum cleaner, you will not need to incur extra expenses in buying extra bags to dispose of your dirt.
  • Easy to know when the dirt chamber empty- the dirt chambers are clear and this makes it easier to know when it is the right time to empty the dirt chambers. You can also tell if the dirt is being collected by just looking at the dirt chamber.
  • Eco-friendly– As compared to bag upright vacuum, no bags for emptying the dirt are required. The bagged vacuum can use thousands of bags which are hard to dispose over their lifetime. The disposable bags become dirt or burnt and cause air pollution.

Disadvantages of using a bagless upright vacuum cleaner

  • Increased exposure to allergies– after hours of cleaning the house, you may find your house filled with dirt and pollutant when disposing of the dirt as compared to the bag vacuum cleaner. When emptying the dirt chambers some of the dirt may escape back to the house making your house dirty again.
  • More Hands on- once you have cleaned the house, you will need to empty the dirt chambers to the point it is cleaner, some of the people see the bagless upright vacuum cleaner is dirty since one may be exposed to lots of dirt.

Most of the people are adopting the bagless upright vacuum cleaner because of its numerous advantages as compared to the bag upright vacuum cleaner. Therefore the next time you are in an electronics store and you are confused on the right vacuum cleaner to buy, worry no ore the bagless upright vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for you.