Protect Your Home With Two Arlo Pro 2 Cameras

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With the emerging problems worldwide protecting your loved ones from any future problem is necessary. It is not only about theft or robbery but to keep a check on your house activity; everyone needs to have proper security in their house. So for that Arlo is presenting Arlo Pro 2 Cameras. But before making this investment on your house make sure to check the Arlo pro 2 review at

The camera is newly introduced in the market and getting famous for its features like, for being wireless, the video recording is 1080p which is quite high in quality, other than this the connectivity feature is also in demand.  The Arlo camera can also be synced with Alexa and TV. They are waterproof, which will make them work for a more extended period.

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The most exciting feature of Arlo pro 2 is regarding its battery. The better battery system provides you with better footage around your house. The camera has durable rechargeable and long-lasting Lithium-ion batteries. According to the company, the battery will go for six months with charging. But there is a reason behind it. The cameras only record when it senses some movement or people in the camera. So you will save time from the useless recording other camera do.

This the camera also catches the noise and the motion details. So if you feel any the uncomfortable and unusual sound, you can call 911, and if you are inside the house, a siren can help you in scaring the person around your house.

The Arlo pro 2 comes with different types of mount, with which it gets attached via magnet making it super easy for the use. Whenever you feel like charging the battery. You can remove the camera from the mount and do whatever you want and can place it wherever you need it. And you do not have to worry about any wires roaming around in your house. The flexibility of use of this camera is so compatible that you can even use it in your car. So if someone sneaks peek in your car, you can get a clear recording of the face. The mounts that help in placing the camera comes in many types like

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  • Metal Mount: this mount is made for the indoor and outdoor usage, especially for Arlo and Arlo pro.
  • Sturdy and versatile mount: when you need your camera to move 360 degrees, this mount is accurate for you.

This camera is not only useful for the security reason but can be helpful for the people who get parcels a lot. This camera will notify you when this is someone on your door. So you know that there is some parcel waiting for you and no one can take it away.

These days the Amazon has put on discount on the price of two pack of cameras from 200$ each to 338$ both, and these cameras are coming with the base station. This deal seems pretty amazing as you can save directly 62$.