6 Ways to Protect Yourself When Playing Online PC Games – 2024 Guide


Not so far ago, gaming was nothing more than a way to have fun. However, things today are completely different. First of all, gaming is a serious profession. The value of the gaming industry counts billions and it becomes one of the most perspective professions in the world. That’s why you can see many young people professionally playing online games like LoL, WoW, etc. Check out plays.org for different kinds of online games.


Still, gaming is not just a profession; it is also a way of life. Let’s imagine that you are working in some company. You have your working hours from 9 to 5. The rest of your day you mostly spend with your family or friends. Well, when we talk about gamers, things are a bit different. They spend the entire day in front of the computer playing tournaments, streaming, and other things. They do not have working hours, office, etc.

Well, if you plan to become a gamer, then you should know that there are some priorities that you need to take care of. Logically, you will have to purchase quality equipment that will help you reach better results. Yet, you also need to ensure your own security. This is something that people do not take care of a lot. They believe that everything online is legit and safe. Unfortunately, there are many scams online that can bring us some trouble.


There are a couple of ways to protect yourself when playing online PC games. We will make the list of methods that are the most effective ones.

Let’s find them out together.

Don’t Reveal Your Identity

Well, we do not want to say that you do not have to share any piece of information. More precisely, most of the online games require from you to provide some basic data. For example, you will have to give them your email address. However, that should be it. If a game asks from you to give an address, details about your credit card, and things like that, think twice if that would be a smart move.

Our recommendation is to fulfill those details with fake pieces of information. In that way, you can check what happens when you do that.

Let’s get back to the email once again. You do not have to use the email that is connected to your social media accounts, Paypal, etc. Instead, you should make a new one and remain safe in that way. If something bad happens, there won’t be any big consequences.

Use Ad Blocker


In most cases, you will have to deal with ads in online games. In most cases, they pop up after you lose a game. They can come in different forms, but all of them have a common problem. Even if the game is completely legit, an ad might be infected. Many times we accidentally click on them. In that way, we can install the malware on our computer.

Adblocker software solutions are a perfect choice for this. You won’t just remain safe; you will also have the chance to more focus on the game.

Play Games on Security Servers


As we said, sometimes you will have to give some personal information. For instance, you would want to make a purchase in the game and you will have to connect your account with a credit/debit card. The alternative to this purchasing method does not exist. Logically, fake pieces of information are not something that could help here.

That’s why you have to do research. You need to be sure that a server where you play games is legit. Check if the server is using high-quality encryption to protect data. If not, hackers will easily hack the pieces of information from all the players.

Install a Good Antivirus in Your Computer

We have heard many times that people are not even sure how they got malware installed on their computer. As we said, we many times click on something accidentally. Game ads are one of the examples. Anyway, when you do something like that, you do not have a second option. You can’t stop the virus affecting your computer.

Yet, your PC device is going to be safe if you have a good antivirus. It will stop the installation of the virus and delete it from a computer. More precisely, installing an antivirus program is the first thing that you should do when buying a new computer. If you are not sure which one to install, we recommend Bzfuture.com as a good place to visit. Check their website and read which offers they have for gamers.


Download Things from Trusted Source

The point of playing games for the entire day is to become better than your competitors. Yet, many gamers are not honest and patient enough. Because of that, they look for some alternatives to boost the quality of their playing. One of the ways to do that is to get game cheats.

Still, hackers know that many gamers want to get a game cheat. Because of that, you can find many game cheats online that are full of viruses. If you truly plan to do that, we recommend you download it from a trusted source.

This also counts when you want to download some updates. The updates are something that gamers always need and hackers know that very well. Research the source before you download something from it.

Protect Yourself from Cyberbullying

Okay, this currently doesn’t have anything to do with programs and viruses. Still, we can’t skip it. Every online game comes with a chatbox. Each player can type there whatever he wants. We know that gamers sometimes get nervous when they can’t win. However, that doesn’t mean that they have the right to use vulgar words.

If you feel that you are becoming a victim of cyberbullying, react promptly! Stop chatting with that person or simply block it. In this way, your mental wellbeing won’t get affected in any way.

Two-Factor Password Authentication


This piece of advice we dedicate to more professional players. When you become better in a current game, many gamers would want to steal your account. The two-factor password authentication is the best choice you have. You will get notified when someone tried to log in to your account.