Quantico Season 3 Officially Confirmed


When Designated Survivor was first aired on ABC, many critics and viewers agreed that it looked like the next 24. However, the next 24 is actually aired on Fox, and it is named 24: Legacy and Keifer Sutherland’s presence in a political thriller is something that always puts smiles on our faces.

However, Designated Survivor and 24: Legacy are not the successors of 24. Believe it or not, the show that is a true 24’s successor is ABC’s political espionage drama called Quantico and the season three of the show has been officially confirmed. Not everything will be the same, though.

First of all, Quantico season 3 is going to have 13 episodes, but that is not the biggest news. The executive producer and showrunner Josh Safran who basically created the show is not going to be a part of the team anymore. He will stick around as a consultant, which will be significant for the future episodes.

Michael Seitzman is going to be the man in charge, according to TVLine. He is famous for creating the CBS medical drama called Code Black where he will continue to be the showrunner. Is he going to manage to get the job done on two different series? Only time will tell.


Quantico is the series that stars Priyanka Chopra in the role of FBI recruit Alex Parrish. Season one followed Parrish who was a prime suspect in a terrorist attack whereas in season two Priyanka had a difficult task to find the mastermind behind terrorist cell AIC. Quantico truly reminds us of 24, a show in which the main character is often a victim, and he/she needs to uncover different conspiracies in order to save the day.