‘Quest for Treasure’ Book Revealed by ‘The Curse of Oak Island’!


The Curse of Oak Island is a well-known TV show in the US and many fans eagerly wait to see Lagina brothers in their endeavors every season. Treasure is what they are aiming to discover and retrieve. On the other hand, there is one writer you may know, and he goes by the name of Randall Sullivan. He has written numerous prominent books such as Labyrinth or The Miracle Detective and Untouchable. Other than that he is also a TV personality from time to time.

Sullivan’s ‘Quest for Treasure’

Many critics have been harsh towards Randall’s previous works, and we really advise you to read some of his books and judge for yourself. We won’t go into how good a writer he is. But lately, he wrote a book called The Curse of Oak Island and everyone who has followed the stories about Lagina brothers and their show knows that this is no surprise. Sullivan could be seen on the show from the beginning. We believe that the book will deal with the mysterious island, theories about the treasure and some of the people who have searched it including Laginas. According to Sullivan, the book will be released in 2018. Many fans of this show are now buzzing about the upcoming season, and this piece of news only created more hype about the show. Some even speculate that we’ll see more episodes in the near future because of this book.


Is the upcoming season really around the corner? What do we get along with the book?

Unfortunately, we can’t really answer whether the new season is around the corner. To be honest, this book doesn’t affect the show directly in any way. When it comes to book’s content, we can say that there have been hundreds of curious folks who have been investigating that area for years and found nothing. And that was way before Lagina brothers arrived on our TV screens. We don’t even know yet what this treasure is supposed to be. Is it a chest filled with gold? Or maybe there are hidden diamonds somewhere on the island. No one knows for sure.

We’ve seen on the show numerous wild tales about Marie Antoinette’s jewels or Shakespeare’s lost plays and the Knights Templar’s secret stash. So many theories just make the whole story about the treasure look more ridiculous. Even when someone comes up with a plausible theory, there is already some research that will rebuke it. And the most popular theory is the one where pirates came to shores and buried their loot on the island. But then again pirates were known for spending their loot as soon as possible. There was some historically accurate treasure reveals, and they originate from the era of pirates, but those examples were scarce.

All in all, it is likely that Randall Sullivan’s The Curse of Oak Island is just another example of someone’s bizarre fascination with the location and the island. That fascination is what’s breathing life into the show. We aren’t saying that you should avoid picking it up and reading it but we do say that you should maintain a certain amount of skepticism while reading the book and watching the series. We aren’t saying that there is no treasure on the island but wouldn’t have someone already found it considering how long the theory of lost treasure circulates the web and the world? And on top of that, there have been hundreds of people who searched the island, how come no one ever managed to find a tangible piece of evidence or anything? Think about it.