Why should we quit watching The Curse Of Oak Island?


The Curse Of Oak Island is filmed on the Oak Island located close to Nova Scotia, Canada. This show revolves around the search of a mysterious treasure buried somewhere on this island. This quest for the treasure began two centuries ago, but the last endeavor that is led by Lagina brothers is delivered to the TV. According to reports, one season of this reality TV show to be filmed costs millions of dollars.

But what is the most important in all of this is whether the series will bring any conclusion to the story and the hunt. More than 40 episodes were filmed and aired, and it’s high time to consider if we should continue to watch the show or not. Here are some of the reason why we should think about quitting watching:

Nothing Has Been Discovered So Far


The quest on the money pit has been lasting for decades, and there are still no results. So far, only signs that lead to other signs have been found, but nothing crucial yet. However, even these signs that were found are not credible. For instance, they discovered some coins and military equipment, but given the fact that around 17th-century British soldier lived there, these items are of no significance and can hardly lead up to something revealing.

Apart from that, a gold button was also discovered, but in the last excavation. If we add all other attempts and digs in the previous years, unfortunately, neither this one has given any results. And taking into consideration all the costs of the project, we can only agree that this last quest was only time and money consuming.

We don’t know if the stories about the treasure are credible

What is really odd about this mystery is that the stories started to be told only after the whole process of excavations began. A reasonable situation would be if it were the other way round. For this reason, we don’t know it the words we hear now are just rumors to heat up the desire to find something there. Also, the stories about pirate treasure, crown jewels of Marie Antoinette and Francis Bacon seem to be highly unlikely and unbelievable.


Sensationalism Has Slipped Away

Lots of fans joined the show because it was captivating at first for its stories and the way it was presented caught the ears of all people who are in love with mystery and treasure hunts. But if the show doesn’t provide with anything during a certain period of time, it starts to lose its very essence. And so, the promises given by people who work on the project, in the end, start to tickle our nerves because it feels as if they’re doing it for the sake of marketing.