Radar Detectors & Jammers


Speeding tickets can be outrageously expensive. It’s only fair that you have some kind of way of knowing when you could potentially get a ticket. Most of the time police will use radar to check the speed of your vehicle. The radar transmits radar waves to a car and the time it takes for the radio waves to bounce back is how the radar calculates the car’s speed.

The range of police radar is about 700 feet. This means if you have the right kind of equipment you can use a radar detector to help notify you before you get into clear visible range of the police. If you have gotten lots of tickets, a radar detector can really come in handy to help you slow down so you don’t go speeding by a cop with radar.


The following radar detectors are the best in the sense that these radar detectors have the best customer feedback. Here are the top 5 best radar detectors you can get on the market today.

The Top 5 Best Radar Detectors

Radar detector 1: Cobra Electronics XRS-9345 Radar Detector


This radar detector is one of the most reliable detectors on the market. It can detect 14 radar/laser frequencies and provides 360 degree protection against laser signals. The radar detector also displays the signal of radar frequencies on a scale from 1 to 5 which allows the driver to estimate how far away the signal is coming from. You can get the XRS-9345 detector for about $100.

Radar Detector 2: Whistler XTR-695 Radar Detector


This radar detector comes with different background colors. When it detects a signal it shows you what kind of signal it’s picking up so you know if it’s police radar/laser or not. Another important feature this radar has it that it tells you the pulse rates when it detects a laser. This helps to cut back on false signals so your machine will only go off when it needs to. You can set the background color to change based on the signals you get so you can easily detect a threat without having to even hear the buzzer of the detector. This radar detector can be bought online for about $120.

Radar Detector 3: Escort Redline Ex Radar Detector


The next radar is a bit pricier than the others but offers some great dependable protection. This radar detector gives you a nice heads up due to its long range detection capabilities and also has features that cut back on the amount of false warning signals you receive. Make sure you mount this radar detector in the middle of your windshield so it can better pick up signals behind your car. You can read this review for the full features and benefits of getting the Redline Ex as your radar detector.

Radar Detector 4: BEL Vector 940


This radar detector is great for those that don’t want to break the bank but still want some warning. This radar detector model is most similar to the Escort Passport but is about $150. The downside to this model though is that it isn’t great for detecting laser. Still it may be a good radar for those that are curious to experiment using a radar detector in their car.

Radar detector 5: Valentine One


This radar detector is very good quality and the price reflects that as you can find this radar detector online for about $500. This detector is very accurate at detecting laser and radar signals and even gives you a little arrow on the display to show where the signal is coming from. This radar detector is advance in the sense that it comes with a built in GPS that allows it to auto-adjust to how fast your car is traveling.

Keep in mind though that these radar detectors will help they still do have limitations. If you really want a great radar detector system you have to drop about $1,600 and even then it still won’t protect you if your car is checked with a Lidar gun. It really depends on how advance the equipment is that your local law enforcement uses. Also you can just as easily get pulled over and ticketed for bad driving and tailgating so be aware because these tickets can cost a hefty amount of money.

How to Choose the Best Radar Detector Jammers?


For those of you who just can’t stop themselves from flouting the speed limits, radar detector jammers are good news. It scrambles the signals emanated from radar detector devices thereby allowing your speeding vehicle to get away without getting caught. With the advancement of radar detecting devices used by the police, avoiding a speeding ticket has almost become impossible. This is because a radar detecting device is simply not enough to make you comfortable. So why not use a radar detecting device which doubles up as a radar jammer?

Below is some information which would help you choose the best of the lot:

There are two types of car radar detector jammers available, active and passive. A passive one needs to be close to the police radar detector in order to jam it while an active one can achieve the same task from a greater distance. However, this is the one which is generally considered illegal and being more reliable, it is more expensive too.

Surf the Internet to gain knowledge of the best radar detector jammers in the market. There are legality issues associated with them (which I will discuss later) and so they can be expensive. Choose the one that best serves your purpose and falls within your budget. You could buy an expensive one taking into consideration the money it will save you by preventing a speeding ticket.

Now, let’s look at the legal issues associated with the device. Although the purchase of radar detector jammers is legal, the same cannot be said about their intentional use. It is considered as a spiteful interference in maintaining the traffic rules. So you have to be careful while choosing your jammer. You should check with the state rules regarding which model is permissible and what are the regulations of ownership. You can take the help of the police in this regard.

So, for all those who love speed, getting yourself a radar detector jammer as early as possible may just be a great idea. It could mean that you may never have to worry about getting caught.