Rampage – Dwayne Johnson on the Movie & A New Photo

Source: ew.com

Each one of us had some game of our own which we used to play when we were little. To some this game used to be a ritual repeated every once in a while as one of the most favorite parts of the day and a great way of relaxation. Imagine you had the chance to make a movie out of it. This is exactly what Dwayne The Rock Johnson is doing.

At the age of 13 back in Hawaii, Johnson saved all his quarters for one thing: a Rampage arcade game which he played in the back of a pool hall.

As Dwayne recalls these memories with a laugh, he says that he had no business in that pool hall, but he would just hang out there during school hours and then very late at night, playing not only pool but Rampage as well.

Today, thirty years later, The Rock has got the opportunity to bring that game to the big screen. He has reunited with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton, and in this project, the actor stars as primatologist Davis Okoye. His closest friend – a silverback gorilla called George – is genetically transformed into a violent, enormous behemoth. David needs to try to save his friend whilst also preventing a similarly gargantuan wolf and crocodile from destructing the city of Chicago.

Source: ew.com

Although at first, it might seem like a monster movie similar to King Kong or Godzilla, its core is the bond between George and Davis, which is a friendship Johnson can relate to and identify with.

As he usually does, he made a joke on the movie, saying that they’re a French-bulldog family and that he would pay a lot of money to see his dog Hobbs become gigantic and go around destroying. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

As far as the release date of Rampage is concerned, it will be April 20. Some other actors starring in the movie are Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Naomie Harris and Joe Manganiello.