Rampage Is A Box Office Success Thanks To Dwayne Johnson


The box office weekend behind us was quite an interesting one. The battle between A Quiet Place and Rampage for the first place at BO was fierce. It is fun to see a movie featuring giant albino gorilla earning anything but negative critics, but that’s how it is. Rampage is the top earner for the last three days with $34.5 million. It’s not because the movie is good, we don’t want to say it’s bad either, but the secret behind its success is Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

These 34.5 million are domestic earnings. Worldwide, Rampage is standing at the $148 million spot. It’s already topped its budget of $120 million. For a movie which is an April release, and had to be moved up due to Avengers: Infinity War these numbers are astonishing. This fact can also be tied to the Hollywood’s best-paid actor.


Last year Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle was the 5th highest grossing movie of the year. OF THE YEAR! It earned more money than bank-breakers such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Thor: Ragnarok. Jumanji stopped at $953 million mark. The list of top ten highest grossing movies of 2017 had two Johnson’s projects. Jumanji and The Fate Of The Furious. The latter one went over $1 billion. Baywatch was somewhat of a flop, but it still returned its budget and went over it for $65 million.

At this point in his career, Dwayne Johnson is the most bankable actor in the world. Every movie he stars in is profitable. Yes, there are few step-backs here and there, but The Rock is a sure bet. And the trend will only continue with the number of movies he has in store.

Another thing and this one is a testimony to his undeniable acting talent: “Rampage is the highest-rated video game movie on Rotten Tomatoes.” Let that sink in. The critics are divided, but the audience gave it 80% fresh score. It’s only a matter of time Dwayne Johnson becomes acknowledged by critics.