Randy Orton Books His Spot For The Main Event Of Wrestlemania

Royal Rumble winner is usually the one that goes on to Wrestlemania and has a shot at the WWE title. But this year, it seemed that Randy Orton, as the winner of the annual Royal Rumble, wanted to relinquish the spot that he earned because of his allegiance with Bray Wyatt. Of course, being the Viper that he is, Orton turned on Wyatt and was scheduled to face Styles in order to win his spot back.

Even though it was pretty obvious that Orton would do that as there is no way that the Apex Predator is going to give up his guaranteed championship opportunity, it was still good to see this story develop and it’s a good thing that the writers didn’t just script him to return to the championship match.

source; inquisitr.com

They had him earn his spot back in a one-on-one against AJ Styles, a guy that has already won the spot that Randy Orton gave up. Styles is a heel, and that is why they didn’t give the place back to Randy right away. You know that as a heel, Styles will complain, but if they screwed him right away by giving Orton his shot, his arguments would be correct. Now, he lost fair and square, but he is still going to complain. That is just what heels do.

Orton won the match, that was quite decent, but really nothing special. We didn’t see Bray Wyatt on this edition of Smackdown Live, but it’s going to be interesting to see Wyatt back on the next week’s episode and the kind of reaction that he is going to get. It’s still unclear who is going to be the face and who is going to be the heel in this matchup.