Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal – Backlash PPV Picks And Predictions

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If we told you back during Wrestlemania build that Jinder Mahal is going to challenge for the WWE title at the first Smackdown Live pay per view after Mania, you would have probably laughed us back then. But, here we are, four days before the event and Jinder Mahal is ready to battle for the ultimate prize in the WWE. Is he going to come out on top?

This slot was originally supposed to be Rusev’s, but the Bulgarian Brute wasn’t able to stay healthy and was forced to miss some time because of an injury. Vince McMahon wanted that heel foreigner that is going to be Anti-American character back in the WWE, so he saw the chance to push Jinder Mahal. This is a B-level pay per view in the most boring time of the year in wrestling season so why not try something new.

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Jinder has been made to look good for a couple of weeks in a row now, and he has even gotten the better of Randy Orton on a few occasions. That is usually a good sign that the writers want to make him look strong before the match, but that he is going to lose at the PPV. That is what we expect that it is going to happen here.

Randy Orton’s title reign has been ordinary at best, but Mahal is not somebody that is going to take the title off of The Viper. We expect a decent battle here, but the RKO is going to be enough for Randy to keep the title. Winner: Randy Orton.