Ranking All Quarterbacks In The NFC West

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This division has given us some of the best teams and the most legit contenders in the past couple of years. Every team, except the Rams, has been in contention for the Super Bowl title in at least one of the past four, five seasons. They do not have a lot of great quarterbacks, but these teams are good overall. We are here today to rank the signal callers from the NFC West.

4) JARED GOFF, Los Angeles Rams – He was just a rookie last year on a shaky team that didn’t give him any weapons whatsoever. We can’t really rank him higher because we haven’t seen much of him. Hopefully, the Rams can put him in the position to succeed.

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3) BRYAN HOYER, San Francisco 49ers – They have struggled to find a signal caller that is going to lead them to a good season. Hoyer is probably not the answer, but he is the serviceable guy that can be decent from time to time and be that “bridge” QB until they find the player of the future at the most important position in the game.

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2) CARSON PALMER, Arizona Cardinals – Zona is a better team than they showed last year. Palmer had a bad year, but he is that tier 2 or 3 quarterback that won’t lose you the game, but probably won’t win it for you. If they are going to be successful this season, he will need to return to his form from two years ago.

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1) RUSSELL WILSON, Seattle Seahawks – Wilson really doesn’t have any competition here. This guy is by far the best quarterback in the division that is capable of beating you with his legs, just like his arm.

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