Ranking All Quarterbacks In The NFC South

This is the division in which we probably have the toughest task of deciding which signal caller is the best and where should we rank the others. NFC South has given us the past two Superbowl teams, but both weren’t able to go all the way in the final game of the year. Still, these franchises do have a lot of high-level players, and it all starts with that QB position. Let’s rank them.

4) JAMEIS WINSTON, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – He is a good quarterback, but we have to rank him here because the competition in this division is fierce. The decision-making of this guy needs to improve, but the arm and the strength are there. Bucs will have a good year if he keeps developing and going in the right direction.


3) CAM NEWTON, Carolina Panthers – This might be a bit surprising, but Cam is just not as good as people think. Clearly, he did not have a lot of guys to work with last year, still, he needs to be better at protecting himself while running.


2) MATT RYAN, Atlanta Falcons – Matty Ice has finally broken through in the Playoffs. It’s a shame that his team couldn’t finish the job against the New England Patriots as they had a monster lead late third quarter. Ryan has been great last season, he has all the weapons that he needs and is able to find them with his passes. The MVP does deserve to be called one of the best in the NFL.


1) DREW BREES, New Orleans Saints – Even though he is getting up there in age, Brees is still a borderline tier 1 quarterback in the NFL. It is amazing to watch him play each and every year. He is often the only hope that the Saints have of winning games, which is a shame since they are kind of wasting his last good seasons by giving him horrible defenses. Brees needs a bit more help, but that doesn’t take away from just how great he is.