Ranking All Six NFC Playoff Quarterbacks


Quarterback is the most important position in the NFL. That’s why MVP’s are usually quarterbacks, because of this fact they are given the most attention and it is the reason why people say that you need an elite QB to win the Super Bowl. Today, we are going to take a look at six NFC quarterback’s and rank them from the worst to the best.

6) ELI MANNING – He is a two-time Super Bowl champion, and he deserves everybody’s respect. He was not the main reason why Giants team went all the way back in 2007 and 2011. He missed postseason action in the last 6 of 7 campaigns, and his offense has been shaky this year. That is why he is bringing up the rear on this list.


5) DAK PRESCOTT – Dallas’ rookie has been pretty good for the Cowboys this season, but he can’t be put higher than five. The team is not leaning on him to win games, and he is still unproven in the postseason. Even after a good year, we can’t put him ahead of the guys that are getting the job done in each and every season.


4) MATTHEW STAFFORD – Lions’ signal-caller has had one of the best seasons in his career without the best weapon that he ever had. His hand injury had the effect on this squad and is one of the reasons why this team had a bad finish to the season.


3) RUSSELL WILSON – Based on the careers, Russell is better than Matt Ryan. But, if we are looking just at this season, Wilson hasn’t been as good as Falcons’ quarterback. His offensive line is not giving him enough protection, but Seahawks’ signal-caller will certainly look to step up in the postseason.


2) MATT RYAN – Falcons’ quarterback has had an amazing season with 34 TDs thrown. The Falcons are the second-seeded team in the NFC, and Matty Ice was the big part of their success. Atlanta’s has big Playoff plans, and they will need their quarterback to deliver the goods when the crew needs it the most.


1) AARON RODGERS – Packers’ quarterback is probably the best that NFL has to offer. He can make any throw in the book, and he needs to shine in the postseason for this squad to be successful. He threw for 40 TDs this year, 18 of them came in the last seven weeks. In that time span, he hasn’t thrown a single interception. It’s safe to say that Aaron Rodgers is on fire right now.