When You’re Ready to Run a Website


You don’t have to learn programming languages to start an internet campaign beyond Instagram. Actually, you can create a personal webpage for free in just one day! Site builders perform all the hard work in the background while you’re trying out designs and extensions.

The platforms below are widely popular in different countries. They offer powerful tools for commerce, small businesses, freelancers, artists, and bloggers to make your webpage outstanding.




A platform with a speaking name, Shopify is perfect for traders, retailers, and dropshippers. With a range of marketing abilities, you can contact clients before the purchase, in the moment, and after it.

Entrepreneurs can modify their shop exactly the way they see it both from graphical and technical sides. Shopify has round-the-clock support and a programmer team ready to help.

Pricing Plans

Sadly, you can’t run the shop absolutely for free, but you have a two-week trial to decide.

  • Lite

Choose it if you have a site already and wish to automatize sales. With this plan, you embed the Buy button into your page and use the privileges of the platform’s payment system.

  • Basic Shopify

A starter tariff with essential settings your shop needs. You get access to the most customization, marketing, and payment features. An overview of your sales will improve your advertising campaign. One additional member on the admin panel will help you manage the website.

  • Shopify

An extended Basic plan that focuses on the quality of reports and statistics. You can analyze the visitors’ behavior and products they choose frequently. With this membership, you can build up an excellent business strategy together with 5 staff members.

  • Advanced Shopify

This plan provides the lowest fees for transactions and 15 vacant places for workers. Other features are all about expanding report and notification systems for you and customers.




This platform is designed for informational exchange. That’s why it’s full of bloggers and SEO specialists that promote companies.

Though the interface requires training, you can change the webpage, so it doesn’t look like any usual WordPress design.

Pricing Plans

You can stay on the endless free plan with 3 GB of storage. However, a support team and extensive customization tools are available only for paid plans.

  • Personal

Comes with 6 GB of space. Removes ads from your page and embeds a Donate button. Here you can personalize a domain name.

  • Premium

This 13 GB tariff advances your growth. Now, you can interact with the code directly. It opens vast building possibilities but requires special skills. For those who are not impressed by programming, WordPress unlocks hundreds of Premium themes plus ad monetizing.

  • Business

Besides 200 GB, Business membership allows you to apply a third-party theme or add-on not provided by WordPress. Of course, you can sell with it and backup the website.

  • eCommerce

In addition to previous tariffs, it has a pre-installed cart, showcase, and other useful commerce plugins. You can accept payments from over 60 countries.




A unified platform for freelancers, sellers, writers of Buyessayfriend.com and bloggers that has over 100 templates. You’ll need to get used to the various options of the builder. But after some time, you won’t think long about which button to press.

Pricing Plans

You can stay on the low-priced 500 MB website or upgrade to unlock more features. Wix has two paths: for personal and business development. With targeted tariffs, you won’t pay for functions you’ll never need.

  • Personal Use

Good for freelance portfolios, bloggers, and anyone who wants to draw traffic to their activity. Memberships in this category differ by free space provided, video and audio hours, and functions like visitor analytics.

  • Business Use

Here you can accept payments, get up to 50 GB of storage, and receive a gift voucher for your ads campaign. The more expensive your membership is, the more commerce features open to you: subscriptions, currency converts, shipping calculators, finance reports, etc.




Squarespace will emphasize the authenticity of your merchandise or portfolio. It’s valued by the light beauty of showcases merged with simplified functionality. The builder menu may look complicated for the newcomer, but the options are set up conveniently for drag-and-drop use. Moreover, your site will optimize its size automatically for different devices.

Pricing Plans

You can try the platform for 14 days and then choose one of the following memberships.

  • Personal

The basic plan with a wide range of cute templates. Your site can be 1000 pages long and managed by two contributors. You’ll get the space to post your works, write articles, and expand your audience.

  • Business

Here, you are able to run a small shop with basic functionality. Receive payments, view sales statistics, get feedback, and grow to your first returning customers. In Business, you can personalize your shop through code. Also, Squarespace gives you a generous Google Ads credit.

  • Commerce Basic

This plan cancels transaction fees and provides a deeper look at sales and customer behavior, including subscriptions. You can import your product list from another Commerce platform in a few clicks.

  • Commerce Advanced

In addition to Basic, it gives more marketing devices like discounts, featured products, cart recovery, or calculator of shipping.



The site builder is invented for a quick start with small expenses. It has about 50 templates with basic addons for shopping. With super simple options, you’ll create a website in a few minutes.


Weebly provides 500 MB for free. On such a website, US citizens can sell goods without paying a cent.

Personal and Business plans are available, while the last one has more tariff options.

  • Personal Use

A paid version almost doesn’t differ from the free except for domain.

  • Business Use

Three memberships depending on the complexity of interaction you need. They range from basic cart and payment systems to notifications, the shipping calculator, sales trend analytics, and gift cards for your customers. Plus, Weebly invests in advertisements for their newcomers.

The site builders listed are both for novice and advanced users. Even a simple set of tools will provide decent opportunities for your creativity. Choose the platform depending on your current needs with a glance at faraway prospects.