Reason For DIY Splitting Up At NXT Takeover Chicago Revealed


One of the best tag teams in all of the WWE broke up last night. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are no longer in the Do It Yourself team, and it is still hard to believe that Triple H actually decided to pull the trigger on this heel turn by Tomasso Ciampa. The heel turn was done perfectly, and DIY is no longer together.

During the Takeover events, usually the NXT title match is the one that closes out the show, but Triple H booked it to be second to last. In the main event, we have had the Authors of Pain defending the NXT tag team titles against Ciampa and Gargano. At that point, the fans already knew that something big is going to happen.


At the end of the match, Ciampa destroyed Gargano, turning to the dark side. A lot of fans didn’t really think that this is going to happen as there are no legit teams in the NXT left, but the reason for all of this has been revealed.

The company went ahead with this breakup as they want both Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano on the main roster as soon as possible, but they didn’t want to bring them up as a tag team. Now, we don’t know when will these two show up on the main roster, will they have their feud now or on either Raw or Smackdown or will they have their quarrel right away or later in the year. Speculation about the splitting up started when Hope Vista, a singer that was working on Gargano’s theme, made that public. The tweet was deleted right away, so that was a good sign of things that were going to happen.