Reasons Why Denver Broncos Could Actually Miss The Postseason

If the season ended today, the reigning, defending Super Bowl champions would be out of the Playoff picture. Miami Dolphins won their game yesterday, and that has put them over the Broncos as that second Wild Card team. They are 7-4 with a tough schedule in their last five games.

Jaguars are their easiest opponent by far. That game will be a great opportunity for this squad to bounce back from that heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on their home turf. Titans are on their schedule, a team that is very dangerous and can get the job done on any given Sunday.

Patriots will visit them this season too, while they will also meet with the Chiefs, but this time at Arrowhead and the Raiders in Denver. Those games are all possible losses for this team. What helps them is the fact that Miami’s schedule is also not a cake walk.

We are not saying that they will lose all of these duels, but that is a possibility. These squads that they will go up against are more than capable of beating them. Luckily for them, they will rebound against Jacksonville and gain that much-needed confidence that they probably lack after dropping that game in which they had a fourth quarter lead.

We think this team will make the Playoffs and that Miami is going to be the team that will fall just a bit short. Still, it doesn’t mean that Broncos are in danger of missing the postseason.