Reasons Why Instagram Is Successful For Fashion Sites To Gain Traffic

Instagram and fashion seem to be a perfect pair because both are based on creativity. Therefore, when it comes to fashion brands using Instagram, it produces a lot of benefits that help them to stay competitive in the fast-paced fashion industry that seems to be changing every moment. 

When you follow a fashion-based Instagram strategy, it will:

  • Drive more traffic to your site (Instasize offers some great tips here)
  • Help you to make more sales and 
  • Attract a new set of a loyal community of followers.

However, this is not as easy as it is said. Apart from being a trendsetter, you will also need to follow different guidelines to make your Instagram strategy for your fashion business a success. This is only possible when you:

  • Captivate your audience
  • Initiate a conversation
  • Share your experiences and 
  • Sell your brand according to their lifestyle.

You will need to make the best use of the industry-favorite features by following then tips and tricks. This will eventually help you to create your very own and positive Instagram for fashion marketing strategy.

Reasons for its success

Collaborating Instagram with your fashion business will be most fruitful when you know the basics of it. Start with knowing why Instagram for fashion is it so successful and why brands fall for it. To say in one simple word, fashion on Instagram is really ‘cool.’

Instagram, by it is a powerful fashion force that has the potential to set the trend and boost sales. Therefore, it makes sense to use this highly-visual platform to:

  • Showcase the latest product
  • Inspire new trends and
  • Promote a lifestyle that is over and beyond the rack.

If you can use then platform in the way it should be, you may not even have to buy real Instagram likes to raise the number of traffic to your fashion site.

The most significant reason to consider Instagram and fashion to be a perfect pair is that for both visual and community dimensions are extremely important. 

According to the reports of The

  • Ideally, purchasing any fashion product is normally linked to the emotional feeling of belonging to and being a group. It is also influenced by the desire to imitate the stars and celebrities. 
  • The Instagram fashion report also showed that celebrities and their fashions are the most powerful influencers. This actually shapes and determines what the consumers will look for when they shop online.

Therefore, to no surprise, celebrities have the power to drive sales as well as traffic if you can make them act as your influencer. 

On the other hand, it is seen that the influencers are also partnering with different fashion brands in order to create their own fashion lines. This helps them in a great deal, especially because they can make the best of the mutual success on this platform.

Another reason to integrate Instagram and fashion business marketing is that platform comes with different features such as shoppable posts and influencer marketing. These features help the fashion brands not only to showcase their brand on Instagram more comprehensively but also helps them to reach out to a larger audience, thereby enabling you to increase the conversion rate.

The challenges in it

However, the challenges in it lie in a different place. It is in getting your products visible to the audience and selling it to them. Since the competition is high and everyone in the fashion industry is targeting the same audience, because fashion is cliché, you will need to outpace the fashion world itself. Therefore, you must have a strong Instagram strategy that is fashion-focused so that you can achieve your business goals successfully and more comprehensively.

Most fashion trends are created by celebrities and supermodels, but Instagram plays a significant role in the success of the fashion industry as well, according to This is because when one spots a particular product on Instagram, it is considered to be as good as a recommendation by a friend or an endorsement by a famous celebrity.

Integrating Instagram and fashion makes things more:

  • Relatable
  • Accessible
  • Aspirational and 
  • Attainable.

All these make it a magic combination, making the brands more recognizable, reputable, and trustworthy. All you have to do to find a reliable fashion brand is to just look at the number of mentions, likes, comments, shares, and tags the brands receive. These are the specific metrics that the Instagram platform provides, which in turn raises the number of footfalls to a particular fashion site.

Resulting in sustainable fashion

On the Instagram platform, sustainable fashion has been a hot topic for discussion and leading conversations over the past few years. According to a research report, it is found that:

  • Brands that put additional emphasis on the materials that are sustainable, as well as their production methods, often get noticed more on this platform than those who skip these important aspects. 
  • Instagram searches play a significant role in increasing the traffic to a fashion site as it includes sustainable and related keywords. This results in increased engagement and traffic by as much as 47%. 

As a consequence, this also results in a year-on-year search increase to the tune of 58%. It is for this reason that sustainable fashion is the most important part of the conversation in 2019.

Therefore, for business owners, Instagram is the best platform to use if they want to really increase the traffic to their site. This is because when it comes to creating brand awareness, product promotion, and driving sales, Instagram has always taken center stage.

The Instagram followers are free to engage with a brand and also have the power to push the sales of a product as they can share posts of the brand with their friends and family along with other followers. 

This gives the brands even a larger audience to cater to, and f delivered properly, they will all be driven towards the official site, which will raise the number of organic traffic to the site dramatically.

Therefore, investing and emphasizing on such collaborative marketing will do far better than imagined. 

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