5 Typical Reasons You’ll Need a Personal Injury Lawyer


If you need a personal injury lawyer, that probably means you’ve gone through something traumatic. You might be at your nadir. You may feel like taking a particular individual or entity to court is your only option.

If so, you’ll want to locate a personal injury attorney who has won many lawsuits like yours. You want one who graduated from a prestigious law school and has lots of positive online feedback. You also probably want someone sympathetic who sees you as a human being rather than just a dollar sign.

Let’s go over five common scenarios where you will need a reliable personal injury lawyer.

Dog Attacks


The Strom Law Firm notes that “when preventable accidents result in serious injury, victims can sustain tremendous losses.” Dog attacks are one area where that is certainly true. A dog bite:

  • Can be very painful
  • Can traumatize you or even give you PTSD

Dog owners need to control their pets. That means keeping them on a leash when they go out for walks and keeping them behind a fence if they are going to let them play outside.

If a vicious dog escapes and bites you, you are within your rights to take the owner to court. Some larger dogs, like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, can kill a person in some instances.

You will probably need the lawsuit money for things like doctor bills, medication, and even therapy bills if you’re struggling emotionally and psychologically after the attack. You want to punish the owner who was careless enough to let this occur, and you also want to be sure this does not happen to anyone else.

Police Brutality Cases


This past year, we saw militarized police action where the authorities in many cities tried to stomp out protests and demonstrations. People felt outrage because of the police killing:

  • Breonna Taylor
  • George Floyd

The police murdered both of these individuals, and citizens did everything they could to voice their anger and call for justice. In some instances, the police handled the protests appropriately, but elsewhere, they responded with brutal, appalling violence.

We should see many police brutality cases stemming from these clashes work their way through the courts over the next few months. If you took part in one of these demonstrations, and the police injured you, you might bring a personal injury lawsuit.

You should understand that even if you have a skilled lawyer on your side, winning such a case will not be easy. Even if you have what seems to be overwhelming evidence that the police hurt you when you were not the aggressor, you might face a police bias that’s difficult to overcome. Still, you have to try.

Motorcycle Accidents


Many people love motorcycle riding, and they wouldn’t stop for anything. They like the unique and exciting feeling that’s so different from driving a car or some other vehicle.

Certain drivers don’t take the same care around motorcycles that you do around other vehicles, though. They might feel like you don’t have the same right to be on the road, and they may hit you with their car.

If that happens, you will certainly have personal injury lawsuit grounds. Your lawyer might get an accident scene reconstructionist to prove what happened if the driver has a different story from yours.

You also might look for traffic cam or store camera footage. Anything you can find to prove that the driver acted improperly and unsafely, you should utilize it. As a motorcycle owner, you have the same right to use public thoroughfares as a car driver.

Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice can be one of the more deadly accidents that can occur. You might have a situation where a doctor operates on the wrong body part or even the wrong person. Maybe they leave an instrument inside someone when they stitch them back up after an operation.

A doctor might ignore a patient’s medical history, or they could make a mistake because of fatigue. Doctors work very hard and sometimes don’t get the thanks they deserve, but that does not mean they can make a mistake that might severely impact your life going forward.

Much like if you try to prove police brutality, it won’t be easy to demonstrate that a doctor, nurse, or orderly acted unprofessionally. They will probably fight hard to defend their reputation.

If there is overwhelming evidence of what they did, though, you should walk away the winner. The money might ease the pain and suffering that you are likely experiencing.

Traumatic Brain Injuries


Traumatic brain injuries happen every day, in many different situations. You might trip and fall in a store or some other establishment and strike your head. It might happen in a car accident that someone else caused.

However it occurred, your life might never be the same afterward. You can recover from some TBIs, but not from others. You might suffer short or long-term memory loss. You may have debilitating headaches, experience mood swings, or suffer from depression.

If you know that an individual or some entity caused your TBI, you can get a lawyer and pursue the matter in court. If they think you won’t be able to hold them responsible, they will get their own legal representation and fight you. If they realize they probably can’t win, they might try to settle.

Your lawyer can tell you whether to take the first offer or keep fighting. This is why you want an attorney who has been through several of these situations in the past.

There are other reasons you might hire a personal injury lawyer, such as car accidents, worker’s comp cases, truck accidents, plane crashes, nursing home abuse, etc. There are plenty of perils in the world, and you might run into one of them at any time.

At least you know that you do have legal recourse, and there are always lawyers who are good at their jobs and who are eager to help.