7 Things to Keep in Mind when Redesigning a Room


Redesigning a room is something that people often do when the weather outside gets a bit warmer. After all, it falls into the category of “construction work”, especially if you are planning to expand the size of the room or add an extra wall or two to re-shape it. Either way, it’s a great thing because we all need some changes every now and then, especially if we’ve spent a lot of years living in the same four walls.


Changes are good, they help us move forward in live, and it always feels so nice waking up in a redesigned room, one that you’ve decorated specifically how you want it to be. But, we also cannot deny that you need at least some basic knowledge in order to get things done right.

In today’s article we’ll help you learn more about redesigning a room. We’ll point out some of the most important things you need to pay attention to when doing something like this, so let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into the content.

1. Calculate your budget

You simply cannot start redesigning without the required budget. This is the type of a project that costs money, especially if the changes you want to do to your place are quite significant. For example, purchasing a new set of furniture is definitely something that will cost you. But, if you want to do somge light remodeling instead, such as painting the walls and changing the carpets or the color of your bedsheets, you can do it for less than a few hundred bucks. If you worry about the costs, and you don’t know how much your budget needs to be, a bit of researching on prices will help you out a ton.

2. Follow the latest trends


Some people do redesigning each time the trends change. These people are called “trend fanatics” and they have to be constantly up to date with anything regarding design fashion and interior design trends. As you can probably assume, this isn’t the most cost-efficient or economy-friendly thing that you can do, but if you have the money for it, why not?

If you live in an urban neighborhood where almost every person does this, it’s nice to keep in touch with the trends and go for what fills your soul the most. But, once again, this is not the most cost-efficient thing that you can do. On the other hand, your room will always look updated and your guests will feel privileged to be in it.

3. Try to match the style

Matching your furniture for example with the rest of your room is a crucial thing to do if you want everything to be in touch. If the furniture looks like it came from a different planet, your room won’t be in-tone. So, matching the style and color of your furniture with the rest of the elements in the place, as well as the colors of the walls is what’s going to help out a lot. But, this obviously requires you to purchase a new set of furniture, and that’s not quite a cheap thing to do. This is why most people usually leave the furniture and try to adjust the rest of the things to be in the same style. Homedesignstore.com is a website where you can take a look at a few fresh ideas if you are currently not sure where or how to start with this project on your own.

3. Start with an empty room, it’s much easier


If you have the required budget for this, and you want to do a complete redesign of your place, the best advice we can give you is to start with an empty room. This is like painting an artistic picture. It’s obviously a lot better if you start on an empty canvas rather than adjusting something that already has a bunch of colors on it. Empty out the entire room and then take a few steps back. Take a look at how the room looks when empty and view it as a canvas with endless possibilities. It’s much easier to picture the final result when you do this.

5. Don’t use an entire “furniture pack”

Some people choose to purchase entire “furniture packs” that come as a bundle with a bunch of sofas, mirrors and everything that’s supposed to be in tone one with another. But, this is not the most creative thing that you can do, and it definitely keeps your “hands tied” for any future upgrades.

6. Avoid “overdoing” it

No matter what kind of a style you’ll choose for this project, we suggest that you don’t overdo it. If you want things colorful, don’t make them too colorful that it becomes unpleasant to sit in the room without getting a headache, and so on. If you strive for minimalism, keep things comfortable, don’t place one couch and a TV and call it a day. You get the idea.

7. Don’t spend all of your budget on décor


Last but not least, décor is not everything, and you shouldn’t spend all of your budget on it. It’s important to focus on the larger things as well and make sure that everything else is in tone. Adding décor should always be the final touch, something that serves as a cherry on top of the cake. A small element that makes things magical, not the main focus of the room.


Re-shaping your room is always a great thing to do if you have the required budget for it. Sometimes even the slightest change can get you that amazing feel of freshness and joy while being in your own crib enjoying life. However, it’s not quite easy to redesign your place into something better than it already is, unless you keep in mind some of the things we listed above. We hope that our guide was helpful and concise enough, and we wish you the best of luck with your own little project in the near future. Stay safe and we’ll see you in the next one.