Reigns Beating Strowman Was A Bad Decision


Fastlane pay per view was a weird one and probably one of the worst that WWE has produced in recent memory. None of the matches were way too exciting, and the booking decisions were some of the worst that the company made ever since doing a brand split last summer. One of those bad decisions was having Strowman lose to Roman Reigns.

Braun Strowman was one of the best things on Monday Night Raw since the split. The company has been building him up as an unstoppable force, and he and he has looked like one ever since brand split occurred. That was all probably put to an end last night as the company felt that they had to make Roman look strong before the Wrestlemania. Even if it came with burying Strowman, Vince McMahon loves him some Roman Reigns and wants him to be in a good position for the biggest show of the year.


There was no reason for Strowman to lose this match and be treated like this after building him up for months. Now he looks like a guy that was pushed just so Roman Reigns has someone to go over on and look good. Braun will still be a valuable asset to the Red Brand, but he lost a lot of his mystique last night.

He was not pinned before this recent event. There was no reason for Roman to destroy the run that this guy has had. He could have been one of the most dominant superstars in recent memory, but the creative writers, Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon just had to put Roman over Strowman, and it was probably the worst decision of the night. That says a lot since this was a night full of booking mistakes.