10 Things You Can Do to Relax and Unwind from Stress


Stress is quite possibly one of the biggest killers of our time. There are many ways how stress manifests, with everyone being just as counterproductive as the last.

However, relaxing and unwinding are the only ways to calm the mind. But how would you do that? Well, in this article, we are going to tell you the 10 things you can do to relax and unwind from stress.

Seeing as this topic is very popular, and the problem even bigger, we don’t want to be wasting too much of your time and we’ll be starting immediately.

1. Breathing Techniques


Learning various breathing techniques is a great way to calm the mind and body after a stress attack. This is quite simple to do but is oftentimes overlooked.

Taking heavy breaths requires very little from us but can be very productive when it comes to relaxing and unwinding. This is why professionals recommend learning a few breathing techniques.

2. Tension Release


Finding ways how to release tension is on par with learning a breathing technique as both essentially achieve the same.

According to yoga experts, it is the jaw that carries the most tension whenever we’re stressed. This is evident in some people by the way they grind their teeth whenever they’re exhibiting signs of high stress.

So the best way to release the build-up tension is to simply open your mouth and combine the various breathing techniques. This way you’re not only releasing the tension, but you’re also unwinding.

3.Take Care of Yourself


Asking yourself what is the root cause for the problem is the first thing we should do whenever we’re stressed. Is it because of your job? Do you have problems at home that need taking care of? Or is it your health that is causing so much stress?

Regardless of which, you need to take care of yourself by focusing on you. There are many ways to do this and not everything has to do with your health.

Sometimes it takes doing the laundry or something entirely different. But the ultimate goal is to feel accomplished and whole. For some people, this means working out, while others love cooking delicious and healthy meals.

For the third group of people, taking care means getting their life back together.

4. Write A Journal


It’s not an unusual thing for people to unwind after a stressful day by simply writing. If this appears to be something that might work for you, then the best way to relax and unwind is to start your very own journal.

In this journal, you can write about your day, your problems, and anything else that causes stress to manifest into your daily life. Also, writing a journal is an excellent stress management technique that a lot of experts recommend.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get so good at it that you’ll even write your own book on the subject.

5. Listen to Music


Sometimes getting in the groove might be the best thing to do to unwind and relax after a stressful day at work. This one is pretty straightforward and pretty self-explanatory. Millions of people worldwide listen to music as a way to beat the stress.

But the reason why so many people do it is solely down to the fact that listening to music is very convenient and very easy. If you don’t have a playlist to relax after a stressful day at work, then how about you go over to chilloutradio.com to relax and unwind with the best chillout music playlists.

6. Remember What You’ve Done For the Day


Listening to music, writing in a journal, and learning various techniques are great ways to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work.

But sometimes all it takes is for us to remember the good things we’ve done and achieved for the day. This is a great way to relax as our mind is mostly preoccupied with negative thoughts whenever we’re stressed.

By simply remembering the good moments that happened today will help put your mind at ease.

7. Identify What You Can And Cannot Control


Stressing over an issue that we have no control over is one of the most counterproductive things we can do. Not only are we stressing about it, but there is nothing we can do to make it go away.

So why would you stress about it? Simply forgetting might be a harder task to ask, but acknowledging that it’s out of our control will help put your mind at ease.

8. Create Routines


For many people at an early age, stress manifests because of an imbalanced life.

Many things can cause a great imbalance in your life, and one of the most common ones is your bedtime routine. Now that we’re well into summer, having a messed up sleeping schedule and bedtime routine is nothing unheard of.

This is especially the case for younger people. But the easiest thing you can do is start creating routines. Start with a bedtime routine, then create an eating routine, and lastly, make sure to complete all the tasks you have at for the day.

This will drastically put your mind at ease and make all the stress go away.

9. Go In Nature


Being surrounded by nature is therapy not only for the mind but for the body as well. And you don’t necessarily have to go on a camping trip to reap the benefits of nature. A simple stroll in a park is just as productive as a camping trip.

If your city has a park, then make sure to go over there and enjoy the greenery. Chances are you’ll stumble upon a bird or two that will provide you with a sweet and relaxing melody.

If you can, however, take a weekend off and go on camping. There isn’t a better way to relax than to be one with nature.

10. Take 5


It is very little we can do whenever we’re stressed at work. But one thing we absolutely can do is take a 5-minute bathroom break. Whenever you’re in this situation, go to the bathroom and try to escape from the moment.

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