Relentless iguana stopped a match at Miami Open tennis tournament!

Something incredible happened in the first round match at the Miami Open tennis tournament on Wednesday. Apparently, a stray iguana decided it is time to have its 5 minutes of glory and make an appearance at the Miami Open.

This hilarious moment happened during a match that was played between German Tommy Haas and Czech Jiri Vesely. These players were somewhere part-way through the third set of their duel when this iguana decided it should become a popular new thing. It decided that a game scoreboard was the best place for it to be seen by all and it was definitely right. Since it was noticed by the audience, players and tournament staff who were attempting to catch it, it thought that the best move is to run across the court in order to save itself.

Just before the big run happened, an even more interesting thing occurred. Apparently, while Vesely decided it is best to sit aside and try to find cover from the iguana (probably scared of them or had a fear it was dangerous), Haas thought it was curious and took an interest in it, which actually made him take a selfie with the iguana sitting on the scoreboard. After failed attempt to get the iguana down from the first scoreboard it scattered across the court very boldly avoiding the tournament staff. To make the thing even crazier, the iguana ran on the other end of the court and managed to climb on the second scoreboard again but shortly after that (and a failed jump to the audience booth) it was caught and taken off the court.

As we managed to find out iguanas are actually not native to Miami or the state of Florida, but after they had been introduced to a warmer climate there, these creatures became a common thing, at least according to one Florida county organization.

Feel free to check out the videos made on the match and Haas’ selfie that he had taken with the animal, right here.