ReLIFE Season 2 Release Date

ReLife is a Japanese science drama that also has some aspects of fantasy involved. It is actually a manga that is written by Yayoiso, and he did the illustrations for it. Published by NHN PlayArt on the comic website since October 12 of 2013, this manga has six parts compiling the chapters that are delivered by Earth Star Entertainment Published. Just like many mangas, we could see this one also turned into the animated series.

It was announced in February of 2015 that there will be an anime adaptation and on June 24th of the same year, the show was released on the internet. Tokyo MX, GYT, BS11 and GTV are some of the stations that have broadcasted each episode, once per week.

This animated series has had a lot of positive reviews. On MyAnimeList, this show has got an average grade of 8.38 out of the 10, and that pool had over 40.000 thousand voters. That is a pretty good result for a show that had only one season so far.

ReLIFE is a story about something that we all wish we can get. It’s a story about a guy that lost his job and has been given a second chance in life, a possibility to write his wrongs and make up for his mistakes. An opportunity to rewrite his history. This alone can probably get a lot of fans interested in the show.

ReLIFE Season 2 Release Date

But, even though the plot is pretty interesting, and the show has good reviews, there still hasn’t been any info on the second season and when it is going to happen. Considering that it still hasn’t been a year since this show officially aired for the first time, there is still a chance that this anime could return.