‘Resident Evil 7’ – Release Date and Great Expectations by Capcom

Anticipations of developer and publisher of video games Capcom are quite great – they are expecting their new video game to be sold in 4 million copies on opening weekend. ‘Resident Evil 7’ will be released on January 24.

According to Capcom, a lot of things have changed for video games since the appearance of digital copies. Sales used to be limited to two years after the introduction of the games, but their lifespan is longer now. Figures for longer duration are increasingly getting better.

If we take a look at the reviews on IGN, Capcom might have a bit unreal expectations contrasted with the predecessor of ‘Resident Evil 7’. Namely, the sixth iteration which was released in October 2012 was sold by the end of that year in 4.8 million copies. What’s more, the largest sale of ‘Resident Evil’ was in total 6.5 million copies, and that is within a period of 4 years since the release of the game. It was the case with the 5th iteration of it. Still, ‘Resident Evil 7’ is anticipated by the game company to be a huge success.

The reason for their confidence is the great pre-release marketing they have. The movie ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ will hit theaters only three days after the release of the game. What’s more, it has big names starring in it, such as Milla Jovovich, therefore it is expected to be another blockbuster in the row for Hollywood.


The developer of the ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ says the whole movie franchise is brought to an end by this one. Hence it is the last chance of this video game series to beat all previous records. That is why Capcom is so confident they can do anything but fail. There is also a plan for ‘Resident Evil’ to be developed and introduced for Nintendo Switch.