Rey Mysterio Possibly Out With Torn Biceps

One of the biggest surprises during the Royal Rumble clash was Rey Mysterio showing up in the match and battling it out with the stars of today. He looked good both shape-wise and when we talk about his in-ring work. He is actually a former WWE World Champion as he received a big push back in 2006.

Since he is quite short and flashy in the ring, a lot of fans rallied behind him, and he became one of the most beloved wrestlers in the company. When we talk about the greatest Luchadors of all time, there is no doubt that Rey Mysterio needs to make a list. Whenever we see somebody wearing a mask in the WWE, his name pops to mind as he is the one that made it cool.

Everybody hoped that he was going to have one more run with the WWE when he made his return. Even though that Royal Rumble appearance was a one-off thing, that opened the door for him to make a comeback in the future. He is actually a perfect guy for the 205 Live brand as he is a big name and more than capable of attracting people to watch that show. Well, it seems that his return is not going to come soon.

According to Dave Meltzer of the, this Luchador possibly suffered a torn left biceps in his recent match. He was working with the Northeast Wrestling and their live event on Friday night. An audible was apparently going to be called as he looked pretty hurt and people that have seen him have said that he had heavy swelling in his arm, but he finished the match like a true pro. That is a great effort by him since he was probably in a lot of pain.