Rich Swann Dropped Of All Charges!

In one of the biggest news in the WWE over the past couple of weeks, Rich Swan has been arrested for imprisonment/kidnapping and misdemeanor battery. That came from his incident with his wife Vannarah Riggs, who is actually also a wrestler that is working under the name of Su Yung on the Indy scene. The accident happened back in the mid-December.

Now we know that those charges were dropped against him as there was not enough evidence to move forward with his case.

Swann was driving with his wife when they had an argument as he started critiquing her performance in the ring. After she went out of the car because she didn’t want to fight and because she worried that things might get even worse, it seems that Swann reacted by forcing her to get back into the car. The description of the situation was that he actually dragged her back to the car.

WWE immediately reacted by suspending him until the legal situation didn’t get more clear. Now, when the chargers are dropped, we don’t know what is going to happen with his WWE career as he is still under the suspension.

Both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were very clear when they said that he is going to be suspended until they have all the evidence about the situation. Their policy about these kinds of things is very strict and they are not going to make an exception for anyone, let alone somebody that is low on the pecking order like Rich Swann. When they were asked about is he going to get fired if he indeed does get convicted, Triple H answered with a simple “immediately”.