Rick and Morty Season 3 Is Back! Characters From Season 2 That We Hope To See Again


Rick and Morty Season 3 premiered on April 1, 2017, and in this episode, we had a chance to see Rick being the mastermind once again. His escape from the prison was really spectacular and the new season of Rick and Morty is promising. So, what characters from season 2 we would like to see in the new episodes?

Krombopulos Michael

Krombopulos Michael is an amazing bounty hunter with a great costume, and although he appeared in only one episode of the show and was accidentally killed by our protagonists, he became a lovable guy. We know that he is dead, but we might see him in a flashback episode, or something like that.


Zeep Xanflorp

Rick Sanchez is definitely the smartest man in the whole Rick and Morty world, but who would be the second smartest? Rick created the entire microverse as a battery to his flying car, and the leader of this microverse is Zeep Xanflorp. Now that he is aware that he is trapped in a vehicle, is it possible that we will see him try setting his people free?



Remember Roy? From the game simulation at Blipz and Chipz! called “Roy: A Life Well Lived”? Rick and Morty have different strategies of playing this game, and with Morty in charge, Roy lived a good 55 years, while he went crazy with Rick behind the simulator.


“Total Rickall” Aliens

In the episode called “Total Rickall” a parasite that procreates and survives by implanting fake memories into other creatures attacked the Smiths. Because of that, we have seen numerous characters from different universes and we probably aren’t going to see them again. It would be cool though if they reappeared or at least some of them.


Pat and Donna Gueterman

Tammy Gueterman is the Galactic Federation agent, which implies that his parents, Pat and Donna Gueterman are also agents. We would like to know more about these people and their job, and we are rooting for this to happen in Season 3 of Rick and Morty.



Although Armagheadon only says two lines – “Show me what you got” and “I like what you got” – he is extremely funny. When you think about it, it is the bizarre floating head that speaks in a monotonous voice. We will definitely not see another music competition, but taking a glimpse of Armagheadon cruising through space might be refreshing.



Did you know that the rapper/actor Ice-T is actually an eternal wandering alien from the realm of Alphabetrium? According to Rick and Morty creators, of course. He was an anthropomorphic “T” made of water, and it is a character that has room to grow. Ice-T simply must appear in the new Season, but he will be called by his real name which is Water-T.



Arthricia is a very attractive animated cat lady and a tremendously interesting character. One of the funniest moments happened when Morty approached her after saving her life, and she told him that she has a boyfriend. Rick and Morty’s trip to the Purging Planet was one of the most entertaining episodes (all episodes are great), and we would like to see Arthricia and her boyfriend once again. If they survived another purge, of course.


Random Alien in Wheelchair Voiced by Werner Herzog (RAIWVBWH)

He appeared briefly and made such a strong impact on the audience. He offers a strange explanation about humanity’s strange behavior, and we would like to see more of this strange character with the unusual name such as RAIWVBWH.


Mr. Poopy B*tthole

Mr. Poopy B*tthole was an important character in Rick and Morty Season 2, and he was even responsible for the post-credits scene in the season finale. He is a charming guy and also a bit of a sociopath who will most likely appear in the new season of the show.


Wubba Lubba dub-dub!