‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Updates: Drawing sparks off theories for Season 3


Co-creator of our favorite grandpa and grandson TV show Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland sparked off a debate all around the internet when he ‘leaked’ a photo. Drawing or a ‘concept’ how some may say presents a moment or a scene from the show where we can see three Morty’s pictured with Rick. Fandom and show critics offered various theories about this drawing and what it may resemble.

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Parallel Dimensions

The image that we mentioned reminded us of one of the most popular plots of this show, and that is one with Evil Morty. This character, which is an alternate Morty is the ingenious villain that created numerous versions of Morty for his own purpose. That fact could explain this drawing to some extent.


The return of the Evil Morty

It is easy to speculate that there is a possibility of Evil Morty’s return in the Season 3. He is a character known for causing mayhem and wreaking havoc and considering this, he may pose a serious threat for Rick. Again the drawing hints that it may be possible and further enhances this theory.

Rick’s capture

Galactic Federation captured Rick at the end of Season 2. From our point of view, it seems that his days of wandering are over. However, some speculate that relationship between Rick and Morty may deteriorate in season 3 and who is to blame for that other than the Evil Morty. It may come as a surprise, but considering how the villain behaves it isn’t so improbable.

Evil Morty Sided With Federation

Although unlikely to be true, some think that Evil Morty sided with the Galactic Federation to catch Rick. The reason behind this theory is that Evil Morty’s cunning mind could have been a valuable asset to the Federation. Remember when they infiltrated Earth 137? This guy was going after that specific Rick, Rick from the Earth 137.

Roiland knew perfectly well what he was doing with this drawing. ‘Rick and Morty’ are trending online and season 3 is about to air. So, hang in there, soon our waiting will be over.