Rick & Morty Season 3 animated sneak peek brought by Adult Swim!


Well, Rick & Morty fans it is official, Season 3 is happening, and the sneak peak of it has been released on Adult Swim. In this short video, unveiled by the network, you can see a couple of scenes that Morty fans out there surely will enjoy. To see what exactly happens keep reading or watch a video clip below the text.

This first animated sneak peek of Rick & Morty Season 3 was shown on Adult Swim on its website last Thursday. If you caught the live stream of the show’s development meeting with guest, “Clarence” writer Spencer Rothbell, then you know that the teaser trailer was squeezed in between that. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many details regarding the release of this comedy, but thanks to that short video we managed to catch a couple of exciting scenes packed with jokes in their manner.

The video opens with Morty being on the hallway and listening to Jessica and her friends talk about dating. Since he found out that Jessica is single and is thinking about someone from the past, Morty attempts to join in the conversation but is very abruptly cut off by Rick showing up from thin air. Because of Rick and his move, he got angry as apparently the moment to talk to Jessica was right, and it was all Morty has been waiting for.

The emergency that forced Rick to act in such fashion is a new adventure on another planet and Rick needs Morty’s help. Morty, at that point, can’t take it anymore and yells that this isn’t healthy for him and that they have been going at it non-stop, and that can’t bee good for his teenage life. Rick, of course, gives a sarcastic answer about his life so far.


After that, the video continues in space where Rick & Morty are running for their lives from a horde of aliens chasing them. Both of them yell and panic as they are seconds away from certain death but last effort for survival kicks in, and thanks to dumb luck they both survived shooting at big aliens head and escaping the chasing horde through a hole somewhere. Shooting down the big alien and running away from the small ones that were chasing them seemed to be a heroic act because after that in the video we see them receiving an acknowledgment in front of a cheering crowd.

Rick & Morty Season 3 Release Date

Wow, there was a lot of actions in just a minute or so! This is just first in the line of many other official sneak peeks that are most certainly coming, so make sure to follow our site for any additional videos that might pop up. FYI, Rick & Morty Season 3 is due to be released in 2017.