Rick and Morty Season 3 – Five Questions That Will Be Answered


Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the creators of Rick and Morty, messed with the fans of the series about the new season and most of us started to believe that it would be canceled. However, the official premiere date for the sequel has been confirmed, and that is it – Rick and Morty are officially back! Now, we can freely discuss some of the questions concerning the new season.

What is happening with Mr. Poopyb*tthole?

Mr. Poopyb*tthole is probably the best side character in Rick and Morty, but there are so many characters that it wouldn’t be a surprise to us if everyone had a different favorite. The last time we saw Mr. Poopybutthole was at the Season 2 ending when he was using illegal substances so to say. He debuted in the episode “Total Rickall,” and he became immediately likable despite being slightly creepy. But what is going on with him? Addiction probably changed him, and we cannot wait to see him in Season 3.


McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere on April 1 surprised everyone, and in that episode, Rick talks about McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which was sold in the 1990s. It was a plum-based Szechuan sauce, and now the fans want it back, and their wish may be granted after all. Disney is working on a new version of Mulan which would be perfect timing for McDonald’s to revive the famous sauce since it was popular during the promotion of original Mulan.

Krombopulos Michael – Dead or Alive?

There are so many fantastic characters in Rick and Morty, and one of them is assassin Krombopulos Michael. He doesn’t care who his target is, and he and Morty met on one of Rick’s adventures. Even though we clearly saw the death of Krombopulos Michael, we couldn’t forget “infinite dimensions, infinite characters” concept and because of this, the creators might decide to bring the most lovable assassin back to life.

Intergalactic Television

Two seasons of Rick and Morty have been filmed so far and each of these seasons contained an episode in which Rick and Morty are watching Interdimensional TV thanks to Rick’s brilliance and his gadgets. Both times, the content was amazing, and they are arguably the best episodes of the entire series (although it is hard to determine which episode is the best – they are all truly brilliant). Just remember Ants In My Eyes Johnson or those hilarious movie trailers. Also, we learned about Plumbuses. We can say almost with certainty that the tradition will continue in Rick and Morty Season 3 and that the audience will get to see one more episode of Intergalactic Television.


Jerry and Beth’s Marriage – Are They Going To Stick Together or Is This The End?

Justin Roiland said during the recent streaming that Jerry and Beth are divorced in the new season. However, could they get back together? There are various fan theories, and one of them says that the wrong Jerry is picked from the Jerryboree when he was left there in “Mortynight Run.” This is the same episode in which Krombopulous Michael is killed, and we have seen Rick and Morty from a different dimension. Back to the theory though – Jerry left Beth (yes you read it right) because he realized that he was with the wrong Beth. However, this is not a proven theory though, and we knew that their marriage was really really really far from perfect. However, Jerry has shown from time to time that he can man up and he can win Beth back.

Is there anything we didn’t cover? Tons of things and questions remain, but we will stop here for now. Rick and Morty return to Adult Swim for Season 3 which begins on Sunday, July 30 at 11:30 ET.