Rick And Morty Season 3 premiere – expect a hour-long special!


Thankfully long awaited info regarding everyone’s favorite duo has arrived. After some time we now have actual checked-out info that says that the Rick And Morty Season 3 premiere will be an hour-long special. This info comes courtesy of listing on IMDB, which also showed us that the other 13 episodes in the season will be same as before – 22 minutes long.

This is a huge relieve to all the fans out there, because so far you have been fed false release dates and speculations that had some, or didn’t have any sense at all. This lengthy return for Season 3 is probably the least series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will offer their fans.

What is unfortunate is that we didn’t manage to find anything regarding the plot of the Season 3, but we presume that this one will continue from the moment in the last season where Rick was imprisoned at the Galactic Federation after leaving the Smiths on a small Earth-like planet. When Galactic Federation is considered, there are some mixed feelings with fans where we have one fraction believing that they could help release Rick from prison, while the other thinks they will simply take over the world.

According to what we found online, some sources (citing IMDB) says that it may come on April 24th or July 27th according to other claims, but nothing is sure for now. We found a Rick and Morty Reddit which states “We’ve seen a bunch of posts citing either IMDB, Wikipedia or a shopped Justin Roiland tweet claiming various Season 3 release dates.”


The Adult Swim also announced “So just to be clear: Adult Swim has not said anything about when Season 3 will be released. There is no confirmed date and anything stating otherwise is incorrect.” So there you have it, waiting is the name of the game, once again. But Adult Swim’s admins decided to help us all by stating that when the actual release date is determined, it will be “plastered all over this subreddit.” They also continued “It’s not going to appear suddenly on IMDB, or at the bottom of a cereal box in some code that you’ve deciphered” and added, “If you are experiencing extreme difficulty during this wait, we are here if you need to talk.” Well, thank you!