Rick and Morty Season 3 Release Date


When it comes to TV shows, most of us believe that integrity is without a doubt a rather important notion. However, we have to admit that controversies are an inevitable part of every show as well, the long-awaited ones in particular. What’s even more important, we have to admit that various rumors and speculations about a TV series, movie, etc. actually have their role in making a TV Show more popular and that we like the element of surprise after all.

Rick and Morty” is no exception. The third season premiere has already given the fans a headache. Many of them are now deeply disappointed by the recently announced delay. Furthermore, it has been rumored that certain censored scenes were the main reason for production delay.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Date

Dan Harmon, the creator of the series, first announced that its third installment would be released in December 2016. Had he kept his promise, Season 3 would be available just in time for holidays. However, it has recently been confirmed that the release date is pushed back and thus the sitcom will be available only in March 2017. What made the fans even more disappointed is the fact that the new season will comprise of just three episodes.


Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere postponed because of censored scenes?

Rick and Morty” have become a major success, that’s for sure (IMDb describes it as “the best animation show seen in a while on any network”), but its content is a rather controversial subject. An unknown source reports that the main reason why the third season couldn’t have been finished for the original air date was the need for censorship. Justin Roiland, Harmon’s co-creator, says that one particular episode was “the most difficult one to produce,” for some believed its content might affect young viewers.

In addition to that, the creators also mentioned that they had to introduce certain modifications, required by Broadcast Standards and Practices, one of which refers to “changing the color of the brain from pink to green to mask the realness of the matter.”

Source: itechpost.com
Source: itechpost.com

Finally, design assistant of the show claims not everything that has been said about the upcoming installment is true (e.g. he stated there would actually be fourteen episodes in Season 3). He said: “Dan and the writers keep putting out info that’s not entirely accurate.” So, maybe it will be delivered before March 2017 after all, who knows. We’ll keep you updated.