Rico Gathers A Competition For Jason Witten?


When we think about the tight ends for the Dallas Cowboys, we really don’t think of anyone else but Jason Witten. He is the leader of the locker room as the most experienced guy on the team and somebody that is a true embodiment of a professional. But, he might be having some competition soon as he is aging and the new blood is starting to get hungry, wanting to prove themselves in the NFL.

One of those guys is Dallas Cowboys’ Rico Gathers, a player that has big potential and some raw athletic ability that every player wishes to have. Gathers is a former basketball player as he used to shoot hoops in high school. The height is really good as he stands at 6’8” with a great vertical leap. If this man indeed makes the roster, there is no doubt that the Cowboys will try to use him and to monitor his progress. He should also get a lot of reps in the preseason that starts in just about more than two weeks.

“I feel like that’s my big brother, but also my competition and stuff,” Gathers talked about Jason Witten. “Because he’s gonna make me the best player that I can be. Just feeding off his energy, feeding off his leadership, feeding off his you know, everything that he brings to a table as a 15-year veteran. Me myself, I want to get to that point someday. I just want to pick apart his brain, pick apart everything that he does.”


This is what you want to hear from a guy that has big potential but is still young and still has a lot to learn. The willingness to study the game and to learn how to be a pro is a quality that everybody wished they saw in their young players.