How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Any Room – 2024 Guide

Decorating your home, apartment or anything else can be a bit stressful and annoying. Choosing the correct materials, colours and shapes can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is why we have designers and people with certain talents who can make anything look pretty with a few strokes of a brush or by moving a few crucial things around and achieving that elusive harmony in a certain living space and all things around it.

Some people have dedicated their lives to studying how to make a certain space reflect positive energy and reflect somebody’s persona in the best way possible. That can be done with both huge and small things, but you need to know-how. As you can see today, we have those smaller things on the topic, and they are area rugs. They can make no impact or a huge impact on your room flow and feel. They can make a certain room look a lot bigger or smaller than it is, so make sure you chose correctly.

If you are having trouble with picking a perfect area rug for your space, worry no more because we are here to help with this short article. Thanks to you will now know how to choose area rugs and where to buy the best ones, so go ahead and check them out.

There are always people who are wondering „why would anyone need an area rug in their home? “, and to all of them, we would say that there are plenty of reasons for that. From making your home feel cosy and comfortable to adding texture and warmth, colours and vibrance, pretty much you can now change the look of an entire room with one single, well-picked, area rug.

Depending on what you want to achieve there are several types of area rugs you can choose from, let’s start from the beginning:


When it comes to size you can go wrong here and you need to watch for that. Too small of an area rug in a big room may make it look smaller and cheaper than it is. Too big of one may do exactly the opposite and again it will be a decorating mistake. We will try to give you some pointers when it comes to size and what you need to know is that for a Bedroom with a queen-size bed or a king-sized one, the area rug must not be smaller than 8 by 10. the bed must sit comfortably on top of the rug where you have a runner-type spacing that is around your bed and in front of your stance.

The living room has a bit different set of rules and they state that an area rug should fit all the furniture on top of it. It should have a six-inch border around the back of the furniture. If your space can’t handle that size then at least your front legs of the furniture – the chairs and the sofas should sit comfortably on top of the rug.

The dining room is similar to the living room where your area rug must fit all your chairs and your dining table. What you also must pay attention to is the fact that when you are sitting at the table you will be scooting your chair back and forth and your area rug must have the size to accommodate that movement without the chairs ending up on the floor.


When talking about colour we must say that choosing this can be a bit tricky. What you want to do is pick a colour that you want the entire room to be inspired by. This is such a personal choice that makes this so hard to advise, but you can always look around the room, sit down and imagine what type of style you want there, what colours vibe with you and what type of mood you wish to achieve in that space. According to the answers you get from yourself the colour of the area rug will present itself and the rest of the room will function and progress as intended. Colourful and bright or dark and cavernous; you want the area rug to blend in or stand out; if you are looking for a contrast to your already exciting furniture then make sure you go with lighter tones of area rugs if furniture or walls are darker tones and vice versa. There are numerous things you can do and the best way to do it is with a great area rug.


When it comes to patterns it all depends on which style you wish to achieve. If you want a classic look in your room, that never goes out of style then make sure you stay away from too trendy patterns like chevrons or Moroccan trellis design. If you are looking for a classic design pattern with a little bit more longevity you can always go with a tone-on-tone pattern. You can also go with stripes that are always classic and if you are up to making a statement go black on white ones for the best impact. Vintage-style area rugs will be perfect for a space that has all types of styles. Here you can go with a Persian or Turkish area rug. This is a look that rarely gets dated and it reflects true power.


When it comes to materials you have your choices cut out for you. all those can be summed up into two main categories – Natural and Synthetics. Natural materials like wool, silk, sea grass, Berber, Sisal and others can be either dyed or left in their natural colours. Both of these options are great and will fit anywhere easily. As far as Synthetic materials go you can have an area rug from Viscose or a poly blend, polypropylene and they are all machine-made and can be loomed into any pattern, colour or graphic. These give you a bit more versatility and options regarding that fact but nothing beats a feel of natural materials on your feet and hands. Synthetics are a bit cheaper and they are a good option if you are on a budget but if you want your room or a space you are decorating with an area rug to pop and look richer than wool or silk material rugs are your go-to.