3 Tips For Choosing The Right Shade Screen For Your Patio


Balconies and terraces have fences, built for safety reasons. But, when it gets hotter and when we start spending more time on them, these fences can also come in handy providing privacy from the prying eyes of our neighbors and passers. Sometimes these fences are not enough, especially in cases where they are not high enough to provide privacy, or when they are see-through. So, we need additional protection to claim our peace and daily intimacy dose – for resting in silence, napping on the patio in our favorite recliner, talk, reading, socializing with friends and family.

Protection from the sun is also important in the summer days, to make our time in the open space more comfortable. Choosing adequate sun protection for your patio depends on many factors, including the orientation of the house, the size of the patio needing the shade screen, as well as your own wishes. Having all this in mind, it’s important to take this shade topic seriously and approach it carefully so you can enjoy the time you spend on your patio during summer days, maximum. Many good solutions to the shading problem are offered on the websites of the companies that produce shades. Click here if you want to find out more. In any case, this article will provide you with useful tips for choosing the right shade screen for your patio.


1. Add panels of wood, glass, or plastic….

Today’s market offers a full range of screens and partitions with which your patio can become an intimate oasis, shielded from views. When thinking about panels you can choose from a variety of materials they are produced from (wood, plastic, glass) which can be added to the existing fence or tied to the steel carriers. The good thing about them is that they can be removable, or folded. This way, during the winter days, when you want more light on your patio, you can simply remove them all, or in certain areas.

As you have probably had a chance to see, that many choose canvas awnings to protect the patio from the sun. This comes in handy for smaller places and is also mobile. You can choose how low you want the awning to go, to provide you with the best shade. Another popular thing is to use natural material such as reed, or impregnated hard textile. Reed, however, can have multiple usages. It can serve to fill your already existing metal fence, making it thicker and less see-through.

Many avoid these good old linings of reed because they think they look a bit awkward and old-fashioned. However, today in all interior design centers you can find a large selection of beautiful reed and bamboo mesh that will protect your balconies or patios from the sun and look beautiful at the same time.

2. Create a lounge atmosphere


Creating a lounge atmosphere on your patio can a great idea and it can achieve by simply placing some curtains. These hard textile curtains besides looking attractive a handy way of shielding the patio from the sun.

To add up some natural touch there are plants that can also serve as a shield on your patio, and still give the feeling of being in a lounge. You can do this by planting them vertically creating a garden along the already existing fence or buy pig planting pots where you will plant something tall, like bamboo, or other fast-growing greenery. Flowers can also serve as a shield when they are planted in these big pots.

Adding tall grids to your patio for climbing plants can be a beautiful decoration detail, and in a simple way, it will allow you privacy on your patio, while maintaining the impression of the airiness of the space provided by plants. With green climbers, the lounge scene will be even more beautiful!

3. Consider placing awnings

Flat (cantilever) awnings are the most commonly used and most sought after of all awnings. Primarily because you can manage them depending on whether you want your patio to have the sun or you would like it to be in the shade. Which makes them excellent for both winter and summer. They are available in different colors and sizes and can be activated manually or electronically. They are mounted on the wall (facade) of your building or can be installed in a stand-alone version on a steel structure (single-sided or double-sided). Movable awnings are a great choice for places where you only need to occasionally protect the space from the sun and rain and are ideal for balconies, terraces, gardens of private buildings, as well as terraces of hotels, restaurants, cafes, or bars.


Patio awnings are a simple and relatively cheap solution for sun protection. The simple construction of these awnings is ideal for protecting patios, smaller openings, and windows from the sun where a larger ejection of the awning is not required. Patio awnings are characterized by simple construction and affordable price, so they are among the best sellers. This awning can be lowered vertically to the balcony railing, or with your hands get a slight deviation from the railing.

The pergola awning is intended for all seasons. In summer it creates an atmosphere of shade and airiness, while in winter it can be completely closed and become a heated and protected space for all of the members of your family. Its use is simplified thanks to an automated solution with remote control. With its solid construction and choice of highly resistant materials, the Pergola awning resists all weather conditions, and with its minimalist and elegant design, it can fit into any exterior.

Adding some shade to your patio is good for the summer, also excellent to add some exterior décor to your home, but above all to prevent the heat coming inside your house/apartment. Shades come in various materials, sizes and can also come handy in during other seasons.