Understanding Your Rights as a Victim of a Truck Accident: Legal Considerations

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Every day, hundreds of traffic accidents occur all over the country. A traffic accident is defined as an event on the road or that started on the road, in which at least one moving vehicle was involved and in which one or more persons were killed or injured or material damage occurred. A car accident happens for several reasons. Drivers are often distracted while behind the wheel, something that takes their focus off the road. The causes are numerous, but some of the most common are driving under the influence of alcohol, fatigue and exhaustion, inappropriate speed, non-compliance with traffic rules, technical malfunction of the vehicle, traffic congestion, use of mobile phones, and the participation of motorcyclists in traffic during the summer season.

However, truck accidents are also a very frequent occurrence and they most often have serious and very often fatal consequences for the other participant in the accident. What is important to do when something like this happens is to stay calm and do everything in your power to achieve the best possible outcome in every sense.


After a traffic accident, procedures established by law must be followed, which prescribe in detail the rights and obligations of all participants. Minor material damage to vehicles is usually resolved by agreement, while in the case of more serious accidents, police assistance is mandatory. What every person should do when an accident happens is to stay at the scene until the police come to investigate.

A person who suffered damage in a traffic accident has the right to compensation for material and non-material damage. Material damage represents damage to the vehicle, as well as other costs incurred by the injured party in connection with the accident, such as the costs of obtaining the report of the investigation. Compensation for non-material damages includes monetary compensation for mental pain suffered by a person as a result of physical injuries.

After making sure that everyone involved in the collision is fine, set up all the necessary signaling, put on a reflective vest, and place a safety triangle, so that other drivers can spot the danger on the road in time and react appropriately. While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, take a few pictures of the accident, and if possible, preferably take a clear shot. The police will conduct an inspection, after which the report will be sent to the insurance company for damage assessment.


The insurance will cover the damage, but what happens very often is that the party believes that it has been damaged and that the damage is much greater than estimated. For this reason, many hire Boca Raton Truck Accident Lawyer to make sure that they will be able to collect the damage in full. If the other participant in the traffic is a truck, the assistance of a lawyer is more than necessary, especially if we take into account that trucks are used to transport goods by land in countries around the world. Why is this important? Precisely because it can happen that the vehicle is from a foreign country and that at the time of the traffic accident, it was in transition through the country. In that case, the lawyer is the one who will complete all communication with the insurance company with the aim of fully paying for the damage.

In the event that you have sustained physical injuries, it is necessary to obtain medical reports. With this documentation, you turn to your lawyer, who will forward the documentation to the insurance of the driver who hid the damage. The insurance company is obliged to act on the request, with the submission of a reasoned offer. If you, as the injured party, do not agree with the offer, which is a very common case, the lawyer has the right to file a complaint. it is clear to you that this is painstaking work and that there is little chance that you will finish everything yourself without the help of a lawyer.

The collection of damages in traffic, that is, the collection of damages from a traffic accident can often be difficult if the injured parties do not follow certain rules and procedures. Here I can list some mistakes that happen in practice. It is often a mistake that minor bodily injuries are not reported to the police when making a report on the investigation of a traffic accident, and then insurance companies, even in the case of having medical findings about the injury, do not want to peacefully pay out the damage from the insurance, but you have to sue and prove the origin of the injuries in a more difficult way.


A traffic accident is an event on the road or that started on the road, in which at least one moving vehicle was involved and in which one or more persons were killed or injured or material damage occurred. Regardless of the reasons for the occurrence of the traffic accident, it is not rare that due to the failure to take adequate actions after the accident, the consequences worsen and the conditions for remediation of the situation for the participants of the accident and the safety of other road users at the scene of the accident are complicated.

Traffic accidents are events that often occur on the roads due to inadequate and improper participation in traffic. Failure to undertake or ignorance of obligations after an accident does not absolve all persons who happened to be at the scene of the accident, the drivers who participated in the accident, and the competent institutions from responsibility.

It is very important that you follow the legal procedures. Also, it is important to pay attention to legal deadlines, etc. During the court proceedings, we believe that legal representation by a lawyer is almost necessary since a legally ignorant party can make a series of procedural mistakes that can lead to the loss of the dispute.