Rinspeed Oasis Concept – Everything you need to know


Swiss Company Rinspeed has come up with the magnificent concept vehicles such as Budii, Etos and XchangE, which rely on self-driving technology.

The company continues to design cars which are based on self-driving technologies, and their next concept named Oasis is fully autonomous and it will appear at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Although the car is fully autonomous, the company decided to add the steering wheel, but if you decide to use the wheel, it feels as if you are driving a golf cart.

A lot of people believe that once the self-driving cars hit the road, this type of car will be used for car sharing. The company says that the car sharing is ideal and they imagine that the car will be used for commuting, deliveries and taking people out to clubs and pubs at night.


Considering that the car is fully autonomous, the windshield will be used as a screen for virtual and augmented reality. When you are in the cabin, it will feel like you are in a lounge. Moreover, there will also be an area where you can grow flowers – a good way to relax during a trip. The Oasis is likable and many people who don’t appreciate driving and who see it as a chore can enjoy it in the Oasis.

Las Vegas will be the host city of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show which will last from January 5 to 8. Meanwhile, you can state your opinion about the car in the comment section.