Ripple Price Prediction for 2019: Can Ripple Reach $5?

Since September 2018, Ripple has gotten so far because it overtook Ethereum in market capitalization twice to be the second most valued crypto. Since then, Ripple has made a lot of new partnerships with banks from all over the world and has even been put forward to serve as a solution to Apple’s money transfer problems.

With so much potential new developments happening around Ripple, we could see 2019 to be a great year for Ripple.

Below we will give you our prediction for Ripple in 2019, along with what respectable news sites in the industry think about Ripple’s chances in the coming year.

1. The Economist Forecast Agency

The Economist Forecast Agency don’t think that Ripple will have a good year. Namely, they think that Ripple’s product won’t be used at all in 2019, and they predict a fall to $0.30.

2. Ripple Coin News

Ripple Coin News is a respectable news site in the cryptocurrency industry. They believe that Ripple will flourish in 2019 due to the number of partnerships. They predict a surge in price between $8 and $10.

3. Daily Express

The Daily Express is a respectable newspaper in the UK, and they have taken a bullish claim that Ripple’s price can go as high as $5 in 2019!

4. CoinSwitch Ripple Price Prediction

According to different predictions, Ripple is expected to have a great 2019 year.

According to the World Bank, global payments are expected to grow by 3% to 3.4% in 2019, that’s roughly $466 billion. This means that Ripple can potentially tap into the large market, and Ripple Price could go as high as 926% in the next 5 years! By these calculations, they think that by 2024, Ripple’s Price will be somewhere at $4.55.

5. Ripple Price Predictions for 2019

It’s no secret that Ripple has a steady price in a market full of a bloodbath. The fact that Ripple is announcing partnerships is promising for the future of the cryptocurrency, and by early February 2019, we think that Ripple Price could be as high as $0.60 and up to $1.20 by middle 2019. Ripple doesn’t have an independent trading platform like Ethereum and Bitcoin, but we believe that could be achieved in 2019, and the price comes the end of December might be as high as $2.

6. Bonus: Ripple Price Prediction for 2024

We believe 2024 would be an overall good year for cryptocurrencies. It’s not easy to predict Ripple’s price a year in advanced, or any crypto for that matter. The first quarter will start slow and will be very volatile as many cryptos experience ups and downs. 2024 will be a year that will solidify Ripple as a leading cryptocurrency, and the price come December 2024 could be as high as $5!

7. Bonus: Ripple Price Prediction in the Next 5 Years

In the next 5 years, we are expecting more and more European and Latin American banks, as well as big companies like Apple, to partner with Ripple for transferring money faster and safer. Ripple’s technology is promising, and we believe Ripple will be huge in the next 5 years. According to the forecast and algorithmic analysis, the price of one Ripple come 2024 could be between $6.75 and even $10!